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Yoga for Kids DVD Set by I Can Do..

Yoga Kids: For Ages 3-6

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  • Gaiam products are always good and this DVD on yoga for kids is simply great! They seem to understand children, their short attention span and have based the Dvd in consideration of that. The DVD get the kids intersted in the program, dont make it serious but its fun, fun all the way. Kids love imitating animals and have their share of exercise and relaxation in the bargain. i have watched some yoga kids Dvds but this is the best.

    Yoga is now part of school, ok, what about doing yoga at home? Parent must initiate and encourage kids to do yoga at home with them. Yoga is not something that must be done alone; it is a group process as well. When working out together, it brings about the love and care for each other and the kids feel loved and important. They don’t feel left out. Yoga workouts at home are challenging. It need an instructing video and that’s what Yoga for kids DVDs are for. There are many Yoga DVDs available in the market with well detailed instructions, explanations, and workout methods shot in some beautiful and exotic locales around the world. These videos are meant to catch the child’s attention. Each pose is compared and mimicked to being an animal and asks the child to pretend that he/she is that animal and ask them to stretch as much as they could so that they are as big or small as it.

  • We are honored and grateful to have received word today that our Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga DVD has been named the “2014 DVD of the Year” by Creative Child Magazine. Thank you to the over 100 reviewers who selected us for the honor! For fun, the process is explained below.

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