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Wolverine Electronic Claw Toy

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  • The impressive assortment included action figures, which will retail for about $7.99, and the Wolverine Electronic Claw (aka The Thing That Scares My Dog), which will retail for around $19.99.

    WOLVERINE ELECTRONICS is in the Radio, Television, and Consumer Electronics Stores industry in Melbourne, FL. This company currently has approximately 1 to 5 employees and annual sales of Under $500,000.

  • Snikt! Listen up, Bub. Having an Adamantium skeleton and being a mutant bad-ass isn’t something that just anybody can pull off, but the Wolverine Electronic Claw brings you one step closer to being like the coolest X-Man to ever walk the Marvel universe.

    The Wolverine Electronic Battle Claw, $20, does get a few things right. As said above, the "blades" are retractable. And slashing produces a surely craptastic series of sound effects necessary in any child's toy.

  • For those who want to live like a superhero, make sure to check out the Wolverine Hero Mask, Wolverine Nerf Foam Claw, and the Wolverine Electronic Claw. Put on your mask, let out your claws, and get ready for the ultimate Wolverine experience. For more, visit .

Wolverine World Radio- The Photo-Audio and Video Specialists.

Hasbro’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine line features an awesome assortment of items for diehard MARVEL fans, as well as the fans who are just now discovering their own inner mutant. An impressive assortment of 3-3/4-inch X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE MOVIE ACTION FIGURES will be available throughout the year, including multiple versions of WOLVERINE and movie villains. For kids who enjoy role-playing as their favorite SUPER HERO, the WOLVERINE ELECTRONIC CLAW is the perfect item for creating an action-packed adventure. And for fans wanting the most ultimate WOLVERINE action figure ever, the INVINCIBLE WOLVERINE ACTION FIGURE is an incredible 10-inch-tall electronic, customizable figure with loads of gear and battle action.