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  • A white wicker baby bassinet gifts the new arrival with the Welcome Baby gift basket. This is a keepsake that will last long after baby grows up.

    A vintage, circa 1950s, white wicker baby bassinet, features a fold down wood leg system, that locks in place when unfolded. The wicker bassinet is oval in form, includes a padded mattress and a yellow lacy dressing. Smoothly rolls along on plastic wheels.

  • An ideal product to lend your nursery a fresh, new feel is the .One of the most beautiful pieces of baby furniture available, theWicker Baby Bassinet is created of loom with white fiber, has aninterior of vinyl, a fiberboard bottom with reinforcement, and alsocomes with wheels for easy transport. Unlike many other traditionallyused heavy bassinets for babies, the Wicker Baby Bassinet never getsrelegated as a junk item in the nursery.

    It is hardly surprisingthat, for a baby shower, a Wicker Baby Bassinet ranks among the topgift items. In other words, the Wicker Baby Bassinet is your baby'sfirst place of play and rest - his/her own world.

    The Innovative Aspects Of A Wicker Baby Bassinet

    Firstly,the style quotient of the product has to be considered. Both the lababy wicker bassinet, as well as the white wicker baby bassinet arepretty and extremely pleasing to the eye. Moreover, they will alsomatch with any nursery furniture because of the simplicity of itsdesign and style. The Wicker Baby Bassinet, in reality, gets itsfragile and pretty appearance from its design model itself. It is sodesigned as to pull through excessive pressures or methods of usage. Inmany cases, a single Wicker Baby Bassinet has been in use for severalbabies within a family. In many cases, the same bassinet has even beenpassed on to relations or close friends so that it can be re-used.

    Infact, these are available in many different designer styles and formsfrom which you can make your own selection based on your personal tasteand needs. While some come with canopies to fulfill the traditionallook, there are other Wicker Baby Bassinet models that come with hoodsthat are good enough for indoor use. Wicker bassinet cradles can alsobe used as a valuable heirloom in many families.

    Consider Safety As A Prime Focus

    Asyour baby starts to grow, (s)he is more likely to move about duringhis/her sleep, and hence, his/her safety becomes an even more importantconcern. These bassinets come with reinforced bottoms, while there areno ridges of overlapping areas, since the mattresses fit perfectly andthus there is really no need for your concern. The legs of the WickerBaby Bassinet are firm and do not wobble, and they can be moved to anyrequired spot, with the help of rollers or wheels, and kept locked inthat location.

    You can indeed make your nursery look beautiful, by adding a to it.

    Welcome Baby with a white wicker baby bassinet gift basket. This is a keepsake that will last long after baby grows up. Filled with special "firsts" like a baby lamb picture frame and baby lamb "my first bank" as well as baby necessities and a plush baby

  • The classic, woven look of wicker is a great choice for a baby bassinet. It is commonly used for furniture in both it's natural colors and painted. It looks fantastic in white, bringing a natural and somewhat beachy look to your nursery. This white wicker baby bassinet is fantastic because it is actually handmade.

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