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  • Our car is finished in a beautiful colour called Whisper Purple, which in most conditions looks either black or dark blue. Only when the sun is out does it show off its true colouring, a deep, lustrous purple. We added a few selective optional extras, including what DS calls a Faubourg pack, consisting of a roof that features the DS logo graphic, a similar design to the door mirrors and great looking 19-inch alloy wheels. They really are pretty, but beware, because the tyres have such a low profile, itís very easy to kerb the wheels without realising. Indeed when the car was being delivered off, the driver had a mishap and damaged them in two places. Ditto the tyre, with a split left in the sidewall of the tyre. It was serious enough to warrant a tyre pressure sensor to show up a fault, despite the pressure readings not changing. As a precaution, when the alloy wheel and tyre was replaced, so was the tyre pressure sensor. Thankfully, the warning message hasnít appeared again since.

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  • Impressive. Looks like the 3DS is on track. I was wondering why you stated that no system will ever do what the DS did in terms of sales (and the time it did it in) considering the 3DS's current status?

    [QUOTE="Sweenix"]shme it couldn't outsell the ps2 :(
    It came closer than any other system ever will, and in a much shorter period of time. What the DS did will never be accomplished by any system ever again.

  • There's no never in this case, the fact the PS2 did it means that's it's possible for another console to do what it did or even surpass it. Making an absolute blanket statement like nothing will achieve what the DS/PS2 has done is silly at best.

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