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Melissa & Doug Annie - 12" Drink and Wet Doll

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  • Your child will have hours of fun with the Drink and Wet Baby Doll. When you fill the bottle with water – make sure it is at least 3/4 full, feed the baby with the bottle by squeezing the bottle. If you press the baby’s left upper thigh, baby will pee pee with water. If you press the baby’s left arm, baby will cry with real tears!

    Wettums is an all-composition drink-and-wet baby doll made by Reliable of Canada in the late 1930s and early '40s.
    Wettums is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has painted eyes, molded painted hair and a nurser mouth. The drink-and-wet feature was enabled by a rubber tube leading from Wettums' mouth to his/her bottom, with a metal grommet at either end. The doll pictured is 12.5" long.
    Wettums is marked "RELIABLE DOLL MADE IN CANADA" on the back of her head.
    Very good condition.

  • Their positive attitudes during bath time is our gain, because a wet baby sloth is a pretty adorable sight. Watch the little critters get washed in an organic concoction, which keeps them clean and fights off parasites, in the video below.

    Drink n' Wet Baby Ponies, as their name indicates, were little ponies who could drink -- and wet. They were printed in Year 8, between 1989 and 1990. Each baby pony has a tube running through her body which will carry water from a hole in her mouth to a hole in her behind. When wet, her diaper displays a pattern of hearts to show that it's time to change her. The Drink n' Wet Ponies were all printed in new poses which were each used only once. Each pony came with a changing table, a bottle that can be filled with water, a diaper box, two diapers that display hearts (lavendar and aqua) when wet, a , and a ribbon.

    Baby Cuddles
    *Photo by Ponyland Press*

         Baby Cuddles is a white baby earth pony with yellow hair and dark pink eyes. Her symbol is a dark pink watering can pouring green drops onto a flower with dark pink petals and a green stem (view). She is in the Drink n' Wet Baby Cuddles Pose.
         Baby Cuddles shares her name with three other ponies: Baby Cuddles (Year 3 Playset Pony), Beddy-Bye-Eye Baby Cuddles, and Cuddles the Magic Message Pony.
         Baby Cuddles came with a pink changing table, a flexible bottle, a diaper box, two diapers which display hearts when wet (one displays lavender hearts, one aqua), a duck comb, and a ribbon.

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