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Black Ice Magic Wave 5.25'' Curved Palm Brush Hard Premium Boar

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  • Destined to become your Favorite Flip Flop, it's the Vionic Orthaheel Wave Black Sandal! Featuring Great Support, Winning Style, and Extreme Comfort, the Wave Sandal will be your choice of Footwear All Day Long!

    The Vionic Orthaheel Wave Black Sandal offers you a great combination of comfort and support in a simple-yet-stylish flip flop sandal for both men and women! New from Orthaheel and ready for the 2014 sandal season, it's the must-have Vionic Orthaheel Wave Black Sandal!

  • The Vionic Orthaheel Wave Black Sandal features a foot-friendly design, complete with orthotic support and cushioning to help fight and prevent foot pain all day long. The soft, cushioned materials in the top-sole, mid-sole, and strap/thong serve to provide you extra comfort while the excellent craftsmanship and Orthaheel-designed footbed make for an extremely durable and supportive product. The Tri-planar Motion Control footbed serves to stabilize and realign your feet/body with its deep heel cups and orthotic-minded design. The TPR outsole of the sandal, with its wave pattern tread, provides you with excellent traction, and the sandal's lightweight, slip-on design makes it an easy favorite for being able to slip on and go! The Vionic Orthaheel Wave Black Sandal is sure to be your favorite flip flop!

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  • The first wave of black metal refers to those bands during the 1980s who influenced the black metal sound and formed a prototype for the genre. They were often or bands.

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In 1990 and 1991, Northern European metal-musicians began to release music influenced by these bands or the older ones from the first wave. In Sweden, this included Marduk, , and . In Finland, there emerged a scene that mixed first wave black metal influences with elements of death metal and ; this included , and , whose debut album journalist Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann considers a part of war metal's roots. Bands such as and emerged during this time in the United States, when death metal was more popular among extreme metal fans. The Norwegian band Mayhem's concert in Leipzig with and in 1990, later released as , was said to have had a strong influence on the East German scene and is even called the unofficial beginning of German black metal.