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    VTech MobiGo Software - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse holds a lot of appeal for fans of the . Most of the games reinforce math concepts in a familiar and fun setting, such as having kids fly a plane and helping Mickey jump over obstacles. A few of the activities seem to be there just for fun -- like the one where kids help the characters dance by tapping Mickey or Minnie's hand when it lights up. This is a cute and age appropriate game for preschool kids, but it's lacking a storyline or guided progression through the different sections.

  • VTECH MOBIGO SOFTWARE - MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE invites kids into Mickey's world as he tries to find Pluto's Super-Duper Bouncy Ball. Four of the games use one of the Mousketools and each focuses on a different math concept. There is also a section for counting with coins to pay Pete, and an activity where Mickey dances with his pals, Pluto, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy.

    Pluto’s favourite bouncy ball bounced far away, and Mickey and Pluto take off after it! They use a handful of Mouseketools to help in the hunt. Join Mickey and Pluto on an adventure to catch the bouncy ball.Use your finger to tap, drag, spin and flick the touch screen to interact with the game and challenge yourself to learn. VTech MobiGo Software Mickey Mouse Club House teaches colours, patterns, maths, shapes, music, logic and more.

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    VTech MobiGo Learning Software - Penguins of Madagascar

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    VTech MobiGo Learning Software - Team Umizoomi
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    Kids can learn about shapes, patterns and sequences, and counting coins. With four learning games and another that involves counting coins, kids play with the Disney characters while practicing preschool skills. VTech MobiGo Software - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse introduces preschool math concepts through games and activities with beloved characters, but it's missing tracking of the child's progress.

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VTech Mobigo Software Cartridge - Madagascar 3 by V Tech. $14.33. Features the Zoosters and one new character, Stefano. Works with MobiGo and MobiGo 2 systems. Includes four learning games and one bonus game. Learning games teach vocabulary, math, classification, problem-solving, and logic. From the Manufacturer In this Madagascar 3 game for VTech's MobiGo systems, join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe as they ...