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VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, Yellow/Black

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  • Open the world of photography to your child with the Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera. This camera works like a real video camera with a 4x digital xoom, 2.0 megapixels, built-in editing, and a 256mb memory with memory slots for expansion. Your child will have lots of fun with the stamps and animations that can be added to any picture. This camera provides photography options, movies, editing, and games for hours of fun. It is perfect for kids ages three years and older.

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  • The Vtech Kidizoom digital video camera for kids is an ideal gift for all children under the age of 10. I don’t believe any minimum age can be applied, as it’s so easy to use and your child will immediately be able to use it’s point and shoot simplicity.

    Don’t forget that the video camera has a limited 256MB of internal memory. To get the best usage out of the Vtech Kidizoom video camera, it is highly recommended that you extend this with an SD Card.

    Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera
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  • The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera also includes 3 fantastic inbuilt games, Photo Swap, Hide and Seek and Crazy Kitchen. These games are dead simple to play and are great fun having your own face and photos included during gameplay.

    Photoswap is one of those moving the tiles around games and what makes it special is that as well as some stock photos of animals and things your own photos get added to the game too. Run out of photos in the game? Just snap some more!

    Hide and Seek is a simple game where you press the directional buttons where you see the rabbit appearing from.

    With Crazy Kitchen you begin by using the Face Tracking to take a photo of yoursel or a friend in a chefs hat and outfit. The game then consists of different ingredients falling down from above, and you moving left and right to try and catch them in your big frying pan. Yet nnother simple idea made very funny thanks to the ability to be in the game yourself.

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera Blauw

The fantastic new comes in two colours blue and pink making it a perfect Christmas gift for for both boys and girls. The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera is suitable for kids 4 and over and comes with a whole lot more great features than the digital camera and because it's part of the kidizoom range you're certain to know that it will be tough and easy to use.

With the VTech Kidizoom Video Camera kids can video themseleves as well as take photos with the ability to edit what they film so they then can make their very own creations and adventures. Available in blue and pink the your children can add their very own special effects to their homemade movies such as animations and different stamps and borders. All Children, boys and girls, will really love playing with the VTech Kidizoom Video Camera and so will all their friends because if your not behind the video camera you will be infront of it acting away.

Made of tough kidiproof plastic there’s no worrying about the kids getting too rough with The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera and it falling and breaking. The VTech Kidizoom Video Camera also has an easy grip handle that is perfectly designed to make it easy to use for children as young as four.