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  • While people in the rest of the world are pining with getting their hands on Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming console, it looks like some folks in Japan can’t wait to get rid of it. The folks over at scoured the streets of Japan and managed to find some Nintendo 3DS consoles up for sale – as used items. In addition to the consoles up for sale, they also found used 3DS games to go along with the device. 3D screens too much for the Japanese folks to handle? Who knows? But for those of you who to snag one of the 400,000 units that went up on sale Day 1, here’s your chance to get one albeit used.

    I was worried about getting a headache or feeling dizzy from the 3-D, but, surprisingly, I never felt sick the entire time I used the 3DS XL. It did take a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the 3-D, and you do have to look at the screen straight on to see the effect. If you move your head or the handheld, you lose the 3-D image.

  • It’s been a month since the official launch of Nintendo 3DS in Japan. As a newcomer, things usually goes pretty smooth. However, it seems the trend in Japan is slighting dimming off. The prove is the boatloads of second hands or used Nintendo 3DS have been found selling in Japan store. We are not sure what has happened, however, it seems the Nintendo 3DS is pretty buggy since it is pioneering a new 3D display technology. Some users in Japan has reported to experienced dizziness after short play time with the 3D feature turned on, but I believe it’s not solely because of that.

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