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  • Our specialty is customized board games of all types and custom playing card games. We also manufacture poker chip and game tokens in a number of materials including full color edge to edge ceramic, ceramic blend, ABS, and plastic. Tokens can also be made of chipboard and can be die cut to any shape you may require.

    At AdMagic we are regularly manufacturing anywhere from 1 to 1 million custom games for our clients - and we mean this quite literally. With the advent of Kickstarter - a lot of our clients require prototypes to get their projects funded. After that - they require a full production run - and our regular production runs can actually start as low as 250 or 500 sets and run into the hundreds of thousands and yes, even millions. Can we handle it - yes we can handle every aspect of printing, shipping, and delivering your custom board games directly to a fulfillment center or to whatever destination you require. We are experienced at delivering into the Amazon system (that right there should be enough to convince anyone :), but we also handle customs when games are printed in our overseas plant or when shipping overseas from our plant in the US. We develop new prototypes for our clients' expanding product lines, we police quality control, monitor packaging, direct shipping and control scheduling - to name a few things that we do when you hire us to print your job. We also worry - work through the night, take calls and texts at all hours when in a rush situation, and we actually thrive on every minute of it. It is, quite literally, one of the best jobs we could have wished for. Helping to make the ideas of inventors into real products is a rewarding and exciting job.

  • Custom board games and custom card games require careful planning and attention to detail. Our staff and our plant production team are world class and we are all experts at the layout, design and printing of custom board games.

    When you choose a company to make your custom board game - please consider asking us for client references. We will be happy to provide you with contact information for clients whose games we have printed and delivered. If you need assistance with artwork - we have a staff that includes 4 graphic designers - each one has their own style and it is quite likely that one of us will be a match for your design needs.

  • AdMagic custom board games are printed in brilliant full color on durable boards. Custom game boards can be single or double sided - and fold in half, thirds, or in quarters. All of our board games can stand up to years and years of prolonged play time. In addition to the custom game boards and custom game cards we can also create all of the game pieces and retail packaging you need to sell your game in stores. We can even assist you in purchasing bar codes and with marketing suggestions.

US Presidential Board Game (Part 8)

Custom game cards can be printed and die cut into any custom shape or size cards required for your custom board game. AdMagic can create custom game cards with write on surfaces, linen or smooth finish, round or square corners, and with the addition of custom spinners, hole punches, notches, folds, and scoring.