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You're God's Girl!: A Devotional for Tweens

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  • There is a huge difference in the branding of different tween stores. Some go for an image more like that of the older teen, while others aim for a more youthful, age appropriate image. Either way, these ten are all winners because they use color, shape, and image to win over an audience known for being fickle and brand-conscious.

    After learning the good news, Sirois rushed her son to the tween store last week. With the store manager acting as a personal shopper, her son was able to try on many types of clothes — and he cherished the entire experience.

  • Martie Todd Sirois penned an open letter to , a tween clothing store that uses the tagline "Just for Girls." In the letter, she described her son's lengthy struggle with the retail chain.

    Ms Sirois took to to recall how after the law came in, she was terrified to take her son shopping in a tween clothing store, Justice, because it is branded as “just for girls”.

  • Martie Todd Sirois, the mother of a gender non-conforming 10-year-old son, took to Facebook over the weekend to share an open letter about the experience she and her son had at Justice, a tween clothing store.

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