Minimum Water Area For Turtle Tanks

turtle tank | my 55 gallon eastern painted turtle set up with homemade turtle topper

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  • Arthur Stinkpot is a Stinkpot Musk Turtle that was my sons' 10th birthday present. He is kept in a 36 gallon bow front tank. Penguin Bio-Wheel filter modified for a turtle tank with bio sponge. Natural Planted tank. **please excuse Arthur's appearance, he hit a growth spurt and is shedding.

    Seven new turtle tanks will be on display, in addition to the 13 pools in the basement. Visitors will see a large exercise tank where turtles swim against a current to develop their muscle tone. Turtles that require intensive care will remain in the basement.

  • The Big Apple Turtle Penthouses provide the stately sophistication your turtle demands... okay, not really, but they make an awesome addition to your turtle tank

    i tell you turtle owners or soon to be turtle owners how to set up a turtle tank. pretty soon i am going to upgrade to a bigger tank and i will make a vid about that.

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    turtle tank

    the tank that used to hold the saltwater crocodile (now deceased). I counted at least 30 red-eared turtles and 10 or so snake-necked turtles in here, as well as all those cichlids. A bit of a wasted exhibit in my opinion, which could be used for something much more interesting.

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  • Another method of measuring is to use "X" as the turtle's maximum size. The turtle tank should be 4X by 2X by 2X. For example, assume a female will grow to 12 inches. She will need a tank that is 48 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches. This is actually a standard glass tank size for a 120 gallon tall tank.

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If it comes down to it as well your turtle can pop last stand/shell shield and his growl heals for a ton. Plus I've actually enjoyed the combination of intervene/roar of sacrifice/shell shield for nasty situations. I've even had my turtle off tank in certain situations and people actually recognize him as holding aggro till a tank picks it up since he's large enough and help keep him up.