Travel Size Board Game : Snakes and Ladders

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There are many types of travel board games. Some are redesigned versions of popular games, and others are specially-designed for travel play.

6-in-1 Travel Magnetic Games

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  • […] Altoid Tin Craft is from our very own site. I previously posted How to Make a Magnetic Travel Board Game Set from an Altoid Tin Container. It is a fun craft and the outcome is you will have 8 games to play in the car while traveling. […]

    Under the guise of vacation, it’s only when we reach adulthood that we fully understand a road trip is a real-life social studies lesson with undertones of cartography. Road maps and GPS-assisted navigation aside, one way to prep kids with pre-trip geography skills is travel themed board games; and included in the mix are games worth packing in the car, bringing into the restaurant, or keeping in your hotel room.

  • Travel guides are great, however, unlike travel guides, by playing Travel board games they advise and educate you while providing loads of laughs and endless fun about where & when to go & what you can expect to see and do, they also inform your family & friends about where you are, when you call home, so they can then track all your travels on the game board.

    As global travelers, we are always looking for new ways to teach our daughter about the world. Little did we know that we would learn just as much as she is learning! We recently received the Very Cool Travel Board Game, called 10 Days in Asia. Since we first opened it, we have played this game several times a day - it is so much fun!

    Lost in Space Travel Board Game. Very rare Japanese vintage board game made in 1966 by Koide Shinkosha, Japan. Original illustration on the outer case and the board.

    * Board Size: approx 17.0" x 10.5" inches, Double-Sided.

    * Balancing Board Size: approx 14.0" x 10.0" inches

    * Outer Case Size: approx 17.5" x 10.6" x 1.5" inches

    * Condition: Most small pieces might be missing. Stains are on the upper outer case. Tear is on the lower outer case. Balancing board's two handles are missing.

    Sold on Ebay for $1,525 on 24 September 2013.

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    If you're looking for a fun activity to play at home, with your friends and family, the travel board game 10 Days in Asia is enjoyable and provides a window to the world.

Travel Board Game Snakes and Ladders Board Game

Traditional board games are a classic choice for a family reunion. A wooden chess and checkers set looks beautiful on the coffee table. Parents will have fun sharing the rules of the game with the younger generations. When entertaining a larger group, gather around the Monopoly board and see who can earn the most play money by the end of the night. There are even TV and movie games for the enthusiasts in the family.