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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Figure Set

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  • TAG : Lego Transformers Devastator v1.0 by VerliTheBoss on DeviantArt
  • + There have been some design changes made in an effort to improve some toys. Hook has an extra tab added on the right side of the rear portion of the vehicle - this is intended to help the toy lock in better when transforming into Devastator's chest/head. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work out so well in reality because the tab's a tad too small and fails to sufficiently interlock.

    Transformers Devastation’s nostalgia-fueled fisticuffs are a fun way to revisit the classic TV show. Sophisticated combo-based combat delivers a fast and furious barrage of action, but the gear and perks systems left me wondering why they were there at all in a game all about over-the-top boss fights and robot dinosaur beatdowns.

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    If we had to recommend a version, we’d probably suggest waiting for the standard set that will be hitting store shelves later this year. The San Diego Comic-Con special edition Devastator is certainly flashy with its shiny chrome accents, but you’ll probably be hesitant to ever take it out of the box given it will only be available in limited numbers. And if you don’t get a chance to actually hold, pose, and transform Devastator, you’ll simply be missing out on a wonderful bit of nostalgia. The ten-year-old version of you wouldn’t have hesitated to play with it, and neither should you.

  • The Transformers Devastator impressed the Autobots enough that they decided to created Superion. He was formed from six different robots that could change into aircraft. Both of these super robots were bent on destroying the other, but this has always been a constant battle between all Autobots and Decepticons. The difference between the two is the Autobots care about those that get hurt in the process, while the Decepticons don't, especially when there are human beings involved. They regard them as pests.

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