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  • Of course there is no way to know their mind without asking them. To know about the first sign, ask them whether they feel the urge or not and whether they can control them. The second sign is they are able to walk without any help and they can remove their own pants. It will be easy to potty train them once they are able to manage their own self. The last sign may not appear in most cases, but this sign is a clear sign that conclude your hesitation on finding out how to potty train boys. The third sign is when the boy himself ask you how to use a potty or when he display an interest toward the topic. Once they start to show those signs that are mentioned above, you can start to do a research on potty training for boys.

    Training for boys should incorporate ball skills like trapping, juggling, and quick dribbling. Develop their skills with the helpful tips from a professional soccer player in this free video on soccer training for boys.

  • Hi, guys. I'm Joey Mattina. Today, I'm going to talk to you and show you an exercise for boys soccer training. This exercise incorporates ball skills, I'm going to be juggling. It also incorporates trapping, and sprinting, different changes of direction. I'm going to kick the ball up, I'm going to show you how it's done in just a minute here. You can use this in practice. Practice this a good, you know, 20, 15, 20 minutes at each of your practices. Alright, guys, so, each of the players has a ball. You're going to kick it up just a few times. You're going to kick it up in the air, you're going to trap it, alright? And then, they're going have a burst of speed in the opposite direction. So, basically I just roll the foot up - or the ball up, I bounce it, I juggle it, boom. Kick goes up, I trap and I sprint. Alright, so, the object here, obviously, trapping and moving with the ball at the same time. So, again, ball goes up, I trap, and I turn. Now, a very important part of this exercise is, right as soon as I've trapped the ball and I'm going away, that has to be a sprint. This is what you're going to do in a game. If you have a defender on you, you need to sprint away as fast as you can to get that space. It also, you know, works on your lung capacity. So, try different traps. I just did a few inside of the foot traps. You want to do outside of the foot. You want to use both feet, not just one foot. So, juggle, juggle, kick. And, I'm away. Practice kicking the ball up at different heights, you know? A few feet in the air, to about 20, 30 feet in the air, trapping it, bursting in another direction. I'm Joey Mattina, and that was soccer training for boys.

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  • : Hilariously useful potty training from Ladybird Pirate Pete’s Potty: Potty Training for Boys is an entertaining picture book from Ladybird that helps parents struggling with potty training for boys aged 18+ months. Clear, informative and fun pictures are aimed at tackling the common anxieties that children may have about using the potty. Each page encourages parents and children to interact with the story by pressing the ‘cheer’ sound effect when the child has interacted correctly in order to eventually motivate their child into using the potty. Even pirates use the potty! Follow Pirate Pete on his potty training adventure and press the sound button to cheer him along! This book is perfect for helping boys feel confident and motivated about using the potty.

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