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Hot Toys Wolverine Origins 1/6 Action Figure Review

Wolverine Electronic Claw Toy

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  • That headsculpt looks like one of the better ones they've done, which says a lot. I'm still pissed that Fox has been refusing to give Jackman the hair he had in the first trilogy but the way they sculpted it on this figure actually looks better than in the movie.

    Although maybe it's just me, but the clothing doesn't seem up to the usual Hot Toys standards. The suit especially... it seems like it makes him look kind of fat.

    I'm hoping they'll do a version as well, if only because it seems as though Wolverine will be wearing something resembling his yellow/blue comic costume in that movie. If I were ever to buy a Hot Toys Wolverine - and trust me, I've been considering it - I'd definitely want it to be a grey-haired badass version of Logan.

    . Sideshow already received the first part of their shipment of the Wolverine Hot Toys figure, and is awaiting the arrival of the remainder of their allotment right now. The Hot Toys Wolverine Movie Masterpiece figure is expected to ship out within the next week.

  • But every little bit counts, as a second Hot Toys X-Men figure has been released and has arrived in the United States after a very long wait: the Hot Toys Wolverine X-Men the Last Stand figure. This is both the second Wolverine Hot Toys figure and the second Hugh Jackman Hot Toys figure.

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