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  • Over 40 years ago, the center of my birthday gifts was a large tin castlethat came packed with silver and gold knights. I also received bags ofmulti-colored knights and horses to augment the castle. It was absolutelyfantastic! Playing with knights and castles was plenty of fun. Myfriends and I made up our own games. They were fun, if crude. Eventhen, I hoped for a better game for toy knights. After reading Shambattle: How to Play with Toy Soldierslast year, I realized that it was possible to make a great knightly gamefor children of all ages. Keeping the best aspects of the ShambattleGame, the rules were adapted for a fun-filled game with knights. Evenbetter, the new game could also be played with toy Vikings and with RobinHood's merry men. The game could also be played as knights againstMonsters! We call this new game Shambattle Knightly Fightly:A Game for Toy Knights.The Knightly Fightly Book describes the game and all its rules. The playing field's pieces can be made from colored construction paper. Of course, you also need dice and plenty of toy knights. Youcan buy bags of plastic knights at many toy stores. Of course, youcan also play with the more expensive painted knights, or even antique toyknights like those shown here. is played on a 3' by 5' "Map" that can belaid out on the floor. For each level, the map is a little more complex. The map has towns, roads, woods, swamps and a river. Playersmove their armies of knights in turn. They use roads, cross bridgesand move through the woods. Once they meet up with the opponent's knights,the battle begins. The armies fight man to man. They also usearchers and catapults. But don't worry about flying arrows or stones! In this game, nobody actually shoots anything. We won't get atoy arrow in the eye, nor break our toy knights.For those with broader interests, it is easy to have a battle with Vikings. Players can also play Robin Hood against the Sheriff of Nottingham. One of our innovations allows the introduction of Medieval monsters. WithKnightly Fightly, it is possible to re-enact great episodesof legend. Players can face almost any monsters of their choosing, bethey drawn from myths and legend, or from popular literature such asLord of the Rings and Three Hearts and ThreeLions.. Knightly Fightly is a versatile game that coversall aspects of Knightly combat!In Knightly Fightly, you can send forth brave knights to attackthe castle of a wicked prince.You can have your brave knights fight giants, ogres and dragons With Knightly Fightly, you can lead the charge wit han armyof heroes in shining armor!Knightly Fightly is also a great way to introduce young peopleto miniature wargamingKnightly Fightly is:

    Crescent plastic toy knights were a hand painted series Although these figures are not rare ,finding good examples can prove challenging. The acrylic paint as a tendency to fall off. Apparently caused by the lack of chalk in the production of these figures. The horse should also be handled with care as they can become quite brittle.

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