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  • Top of the Stairs (popularly known as TOTS and for a period of time in the mid-1980s and early 1990s was called The Balcony) is a and in , near the campus. Established in 1978 and located at 217 West College Ave, TOTS is popular among Virginia Tech students and alumni due to its history, proximity to campus, signature known as the Rail, and Tuesday night .

    Q- The landing/hallway at the top of my stairs is carpeted - there is a smooth transition from the carpet to the "finish" tread at the top of the stairs. My laminate flooring is thinner than the hardwood of that top tread - how would you recommend making that transition from the thinner laminate to the thicker tread to minimize any tripping hazard ? Also, how would you finish the transition where the laminate butts up to the stairs along the hallway ?- many thanks.

    A- Based on your photos it looks like there is a slight edge of the top stair higher than the carpet due to the carpet being walked on. This is normal as carpet does flatten out over time. This looks like it could be a tripping hazard but people get used to things and learn where to step and not to step. I have a 1 1/2 inch step up in my home, and over time we just got used to it and don't trip on it.

    If it were my home I would have looked for a laminate that is 12mm or 14mm so it could be level with the top stair, if it were I would use a T-mold there. I'm assuming the top stair is 3/4 of an inch thick.

    With the laminate being lower than the top stair, its not a good idea to use a T-mold as it would be on a slant. I would use a square edge transition and butt the vertical edge of the transition up against the top stair. I'm not sure how even that
    would be with the top stair. It may minimize the height difference.

    Another thing to do that might help minimize a tripping hazard would be to run the laminate the long way in your hallway so the planks will be perpendicular to the top stair. This will draw attention to the top stair.

  • Top of the Stairs (popularly known as TOTS) is a bar and restaurant in Blacksburg, Virginia, near the Virginia Tech campus. Established in 1978 TOTS is popular among Virginia Tech students and alumni due to its history, proximity to campus, signature mixed drink known as the Rail, and Tuesday night karaoke.

    We removed old carpeting from our stairs and painted the wooden stairs and the landing is still old carpeting. We don't want to replace the old carpeting at this time but we would like to put a transition piece on the carpeting to finish it. On one of your posts you mentioned a wood tread for top of stairs transition. What is a wood tread and would something like this work for our problem. We would appreciate any ideas you might have for our situation. Thank you for responding and for your website.

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    Whow do you handle the landing at the top of the stairs if you have carpet? Did you rip that up as well? I have not seen this discussed in any of the stair tutorials. Thanks for your help!

At the Top Of The Stairs -The Formations - YouTube

Top of the Stairs is hilarious.

Look, if you're looking for an earth-shattering adult like experience, why are you partying at the heart of a college campus? ToTS is a perfectly designed college bar, replete with the multitude of space and "Forget how Tonight Went" type of drinks. I highly recommend the Rails, which are cringe-worthy if you watch them prepared but actually kind of delicious.

Loved the service; the bartenders here, even on a busy college football weekend, were polite and efficient. Outdoor deck is great, and it just oozes with the kind of charm this bar is designed with.

Ultimately, this is what college bars are supposed to look and feel like. Crush it.