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  • Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether can be chilled in the fridge to cool and soothe hot little gums. It is ideally shaped for little mouths and can also be used to apply teething gel.

    I bought the Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether for my first child a little over two years ago. It came in a pack of two. They were designed with an oval shaped middle panel; on either side of this is a rubber teether, of different shapes and sizes. Each two pack features two different colours and different designs as well.

    I like most Tommee Tippee products; they're a well established company and produce good quality, value for money items. When I saw these in the shop I decided to buy them immediately. I thought they were such a good idea but sadly they are not. My eldest son rejected them every time I tried to get him to use them but he wouldn't use a dummy and probably wasn't used to keeping something in his mouth. I tried putting teething gel on them and he would just suck the gel off the teether then drop it and wander off. I think half of the teether was too big for his mouth, I certainly felt uncomfortable with it in my mouth, well you've got to try everything you give your children otherwise how will you know? My second child enjoys using his dummy a lot but he wouldn't use these either, again if given it with teething gel on he would suck it off then discard the teether. They've both enjoyed various teethers but these particular ones are just on the side gathering dust.

    I have found these to be a complete waste of time and money, although that wouldn't necessarily be the same for everyone.

  • My daughter was bought lots of different teethers when she was teething. It is one of the things that comes with having a big family - you get lots of the same thing. She ended up with an absolute hoard of teethers and over half of them were never opened or used.

    She was given this Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether but her's was in pink. I have seen them in shops in lots of different colours including blue and green. I have seen they cost £2.99 a pack and a pack consists of two.

    The Gummy teether is shaped to fit into small mouths and is designed to fit inbetween the top and bottom gums. It has to be chilled in the fridge for the cooling effect and if you wish you can apply teething gel to it to try and help your baby further. The Gummy Teether has a little handle for your baby to hold as well as being able to attach it to a safety clip for dummies so your baby doesn't lose it.

    The little bit which goes into your child's mouth is so that your child can chew down on it to help relieve the pain and tension teething cost. I tried these with my little girl and she looked at me as though I was trying to put poison in her mouth. She instantly spat it out even when it appeared her teeth were really causing some pain. One time when I tried to convince her that this was a good idea and got it out she actually cried at the sight of it!

    If I am honest I don't think these teethers are that great. I think babies want something to chew on not something that looks like a mouth guard for a boxing match. I think that these are just really uncomfortable in a babies mouth when they are teething and cause them more distress.

    I can't recommend these I am afraid though just because they didn't work for us doesn't mean they won't work for you.

    When my son was in hospital he was feeding constantly and a nurse actually recommended to me that I used a dummy with him. Although this was not something I wanted to do my son took to a dummy straight away and so we went with that, and with time I was happy doing this as it was only ever in his mouth when he was going to sleep or particularly upset so not much time at all really.

    My son started to show signs of teething at just twelve weeks old and so we began to look for something that would help ease his uncomfortable gums. We spotted the Tommee Tippee gummy teether on a shopping trip one day and they looked quite like a strange dummy. We thought that this might be something that would help my son and decided to pick a pack up. The teethers come in packs of two and cost around £4-£5 depending on where you buy them from. I cannot remember the exact price of ours at the time.

    As I mentioned the teethers look much like a strange dummy. They have the normal looking front of a dummy with a little ring that you can hold it with and things but then the main part of the teether is basically shaped like a semi circle "gum"and is made up of clear flexible material. The idea of this particular teether is that it can fit along your baby's gums and they can have a good chew and it will offer relief for them.

    What is a good feature of this teether is that you can put on a little teething gel directly to the "gum" part and then when your baby chews it they are also getting relief from the teething gel too. The teethers can be sterilised by all means and they are also suitable for putting in the fridge to get nice and cool. Another good point about them coming in packs of two is that once one is dropped or dirtied you will always have another one ready to go in the fridge.

    It all sounds like a great idea really doesn't it? In reality for us the product just didn't work. As my son was used to having a normal dummy he just used to spit this teether out of his mouth. I think he must have thought we were trying to con him with something or other as he really hated it! He would scream and spit it out and generally get quite upset. We decided to leave the teethers for a little while and tried them with him again a couple of months later but again it was just spat out as if it was generally unpleasant! He was quite happy to chew on other more usual teethers so I think his issue was simply with the design of this product.

    I think the idea of this product is quite a good one, but for us it just didn't work sadly.

    Thank you for reading my review

  • From the time my son was four months old he really suffered with teething. I have two other children who never seemed particularly bothered when they were teething, but my youngest child was so miserable and seemed to be in pain for a lot of the time. I was using teething gel on his gums and occasionally I would need to give him some Paracetamol, but sometimes even that didn't seem enough. A friend of mine had used the Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether on her daughter and although she hadn't got on with it brilliantly, I thought it was worth a shot.

    I bought a pack of two of the Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether from Amazon for the price of £4.99. I didn't think that this seemed like a bad price - had they worked. My son did have a traditional dummy which he had at bed time, and I found that he often spent a lot of time biting down on the dummy itself and so I actually thought that this might be helpful to him. It looks a little like a dummy, but instead of having the bulbous soft part to suck on, there is a semi-circular ring that is made up of a soft, silicone-like material. In theory, this means that this can be put in your childs' mouth and can bite down and chew on the ring to relieve the pain associated with teething. They recommend that you also put teething gel on the ring for added benefit.

    However, although this all seemed like a good idea in theory, in practice I just found that my son actually didn't like having this in his mouth. I would try to put it in like a dummy, but he would just pull a face and spit it out. I think had he actually bitten down on the ring then it would have helped, but unfortunately he wouldn't let it stay in his mouth long enough for it to be useful. I'm not sure whether it wasn't just a bit too big for his mouth.

    The Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether can be sterilised in the same way as bottles are sterilised. I can't really tell you how long they last as, like I said, my son just wouldn't use it.

    Overall, I just cannot recommend this product because my son wouldn't keep it in his mouth long enough for it to be beneficial.

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