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Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike

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  • This toddler balance bike is the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance, motor skills, and self-confidence. Unparalleled features make learning and exercise safe and fun. The bike helps in the development of balance in young kids by providing a no-stress method of learning to ride a bike. It is comfortable, lightweight, and maneuverable to ensure your child can travel long distances (even over rough terrain) without getting tired. The height of the seat can be adjusted at the turn of a knob! No extra tools required - not a single hex screw or key will be needed for this bike! It grows with your child until they’re ready for pedals. The toddler bicycle also eliminates the need for training wheels which are counterproductive and do not support proper posture or spinal development. Quick assembly means you’ll be up-and-riding in no time. There's even a Limited Lifetime Warranty! And, of course, the unique design will make your toddler balance bike the talk of the town

    Looking for a toddler bike? Like just about every year, it seems – we have a bicycle under the Christmas tree! With 4 kids, that like to grow (can’t they stop growing???) – it feels like we are buying new bikes every year. This year, with 2 toddlers that just a smudge difference in size – we’re in the market for 2 toddler bikes for boys. Boy toddler bikes, not girl toddler bikes because “NO PINK MOMMY!”

  • In this case, my niece is 2 years old and had yet to ride or try to balance on anything with two wheels. We considered buying something like the Skuut bike, but at half the cost of a pedal bike, and with the ability to “skuut along” using a pedal bike with training wheels, we decided the real bike would last longer and be something she could grow into. For toddler bikes with working pedals and a drive train, tires start at 12″ in size and are fully pneumatic.

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