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Disney Fairies Figurine Playset

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  • Getting to play with Tinkerbell Fairy Dolls was made even more fun with Tink’s Paradise Pool playset. Why? Because it involves water! Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are able to slide down into a pool of water on a neat flower blossom.

    My girls use this toy on the trampoline (where a ton of their water play goes down) and in the bathtub. My girls were able to put it together in only a few minutes by themselves. The colorful flowers and shell designs make this set super cute! They are able to put the Tinkerbell Fairy Dolls, and other small dolls, right onto the flower and have them zoom down into the water. My girls also loved changing Tink in and out of her skirt and having her lounge on the cute leaf chaise.

  • Tink’s Paradise Pool is available at at around $19.99. If your little girl is a fan of Tinkerbell Fairy dolls she is going to just love playing with this!

Disney Park Tinkerbell Tinker Bell 11.5 inch Doll NEW 2013 Release.