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  • My son just loves Thomas & Friends. He collects the trains and has watched a number of the original series. This was our first foray into the newer Thomas adventures, and I thought it was well done and kept much of the original flavor and ideals.

    Animation (versus the original's use of real-life models) has both pluses and minuses. On the plus is the allowance for greater flexibility in camera shots, more animation of the figures themselves and a wider allowance for possible story lines. On the negative, there will always be something magical about real-world objects when done as well as the original series was.

    As for this particular outing, it involves a mysterious island, colorful new characters and adventure as always. The narration is well done, as are the character voices (one major difference with the originals, which are all voiced by the same narrator). The scariest moment being a near "deadly" plunge off the train tracks to the cliffs below.

    Nothing too frightening, good values (usefulness, obedience, friendship, etc) and charming visuals should appeal to younger children. It's also nice to have storytelling without frenetic action... a good choice for parents.

    Thomas explores the island and soon finds it to be inhabited by the "Logging Locos", consisting of Ferdinand and two small twins, Bash and Dash, who were sent to the island after causing trouble on the mainland. As Thomas continues exploring the island, meanwhile, back on Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt receives a call telling him Thomas is missing, prompting him, Harold and Captain send out a search party to find him.

  • In closing, I return to the painting by Turner. In a very real sense, those persons stranded on the vessel which had run aground in the storm-tossed sea are like many young men—and older men as well—who await rescue by those of us who have the priesthood responsibility to man the lifeboats. Their hearts yearn for help. Mothers and fathers pray for their sons. Wives and children plead to heaven that Daddy and others may be reached.

    The mission needed only one more thing: the final go-ahead from the president, authorizing the rescuers to execute. In one ready room, the radio crackled to life. Instead of delivering the expected verbal green light, though, the voice on the radio gave other news:

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  • Language Name Meaning
    Italian Operazione di Soccorso Rescue Operation
    Swedish Thomas hoppar i Thomas Jumps In
    Norwegian Thomas til unnsetning Thomas to the Rescue
    Danish Thomas kommer til undsætning Thomas Comes to the Rescue
    Polish Tomek przybywa na ratunek Thomas Comes to the Rescue
    Dutch Thomas komt aan de redding Thomas comes to the rescue
    German Diesels Großer Irrtum Diesel's Big Mistake
    Japanese トーマス、だいかつやく Thomas' Big Success
    Spanish Thomas al Rescate Thomas to the Rescue
    Russian Томас спаситель Thomas the Rescuer
    Finnish Tuomas Pelastaa Tilanteen Thomas Saves the situation
    Hungarian Thomas a Megmentő Thomas the Saviour
    Romanian Thomas Sare în Ajutor Thomas to the Rescue
    Czech Zachránce Tomáš Thomas the Rescuer
    Portuguese Thomas vai ao Resgate Thomas Goes to the Rescue
    Slovak Thomas zachraňuje Thomas Rescues
    Chinese 托马斯的救援 Thomas Rescue
    Korean 특별한 증기 기관차, 토마스 Special Steam Engine, Thomas
    Thai โธมัสช่วยได้ Thomas Helped
    Croatian Tomica priskače u pomoć Thomas Comes to the Aid

    One day later, President Obama did authorize a rescue mission, and the operators relaunched. This time, the raiders arrived on target at a compound in eastern Afghanistan.

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