review on the nerf longstrike and mod

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  • A New Longer Blaster From Nerf New from Nerf as of spring 2010, the Nerf Longstrike is a sniper rifle that out-looks, and out-lengths the popular Longshot CS-6. Yes, that's right, longer than the Nerf Longshot, and longer than any Nerf gun ever made! Have I Seen This Blaster Before?

    In summary, I am dissapointed in the Nerf Longstrike. It is neither accurate, nor does it have the power to get the range you'd expect for a "long strike." If you want a good 6-shot blaster with decent range, get a Longshot (w/o all that extended barrel junk) and modify that-- it has much more potential. If you want a high fire-rate for close quarters, definitely get the Raider with the fore-grip pump action... If you want a good looking gun, well... I guess this is it? For me, the Longstrike, just strikes out.. maybe I'll change my mind after a suitable spring replacement is found to increase the range/power, but until then, I would recommend you skip this one.

  • One thing you can always count on with NERF is that the company never rests on its laurels. The company is always coming up with new soft dart weapons to add to their ever increasing toy gun arsenal, and now they have come up with their longest gun ever, which is the NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle. And as the name implies this NERF gun is meant to reach out and touch targets at a distance.

    Since the Longstrike was made specifically for long range shooting, you really can’t expect a rapid-fire option to be available, especially in such a thin form factor. That being said, you only get single-fire mode and are therefore stuck with firing at about 1 dart per second. In most cases, however, the Longstrike really shines in outdoor Nerf wars, which would reduce the need for close range rapid-fire shooting anyway. In fact, most of the reviews about the Nerf Longstrike CS-6 won’t really lament over the low firing rate particularly because it wasn’t meant to do close-range ambush anyway.

  • Measuring a whopping 3-feet long, the NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle is a multi-part sniper gun that is capable of tagging targets up to 35-feet away. It comes with a quick-reload dart clip, a flip-up sight, 6 darts and even has a removable barrel. Not to mention, the Longstrike Sniper Rifle looks totally intimidating as far as most NERF guns go.

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