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And this little car can go where the tour buses can’t

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  • The GoCar Concept was conceived, developed and created by Nathan Withrington and Alasdair Clements in 2003 and the tour service was launched in April 2004 , United States. The software that drives the GoCar tour was in 2005. GoCars started being used as modes of transport available to rent in April 2004 by the company "GoCar Rentals Inc.". The company then became a and soon opened in and .

    GoCars have an integrated audio which runs through the patented navigation software "FoundAround". This allows the cars to give driving instructions to passengers around specific routes, at the same time as providing a tour guide-style commentary around a city. The tour is played to the passengers through two 4-inch speakers inside the Gocar. The software is custom designed for GPS Tour creation and uses a "Tour Logic" to render to the user pertinent, contextual information.

  • The concept Launched in San Francisco in 2004 and now the cure for the common tour® is available in both the USA and Europe. The GoCar takes you to spectacular places few visitors get to see. It’s like having a local show you around. And this little car can go where the tour buses can’t. Best of all, the sightseeing adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or break for lunch. (You’ll actually be able to park!) Or you can blaze your own trail and explore the city streets, neighborhoods and parks on your own.

    GoCar is a two-seater, vehicle that runs with a 49cc size scooter engine. It is legally classed as a to drive on the roads. The GoCars were created with the purpose of being rented to tourists as a different way to see a city.

  • The GoCar plays each when it passes through one of the pre-recorded GPS trigger points along the tours, travelling in the default direction of the tour. Each audio file has its own unique trigger point along the tour to ensure that the correct file is played throughout the duration of the tour. If the GoCar defects from the route, the GPS will pass through a trigger point that plays a track notifying the driver that they have left the tour, and giving an instruction to return to the tour if the driver so wishes.

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