mit dem Terrain Twister von Tyco / Hotwheels im Schnee

Mattel - Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister (choose from red or green) includes:

Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister Vehicle (Red) with Battery Pack System

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  • The Terrain Twister was fun to test, and being able to drive right into water and keep on going was a real treat. The video really says it all -- what you see is what you get. If you like how it looks there, you'll like owning one. The controls really are somewhat complicated, but learning them is like learning to ride a bike. Once you get over the initial learning hurdle, you'll be good to go forever.

    For the kids out there (and their Dads) who are looking for something more rough, rugged and still packed with coolness, Hot Wheels has re-released the Terrain Twister (originally produced by Tyco years ago). The Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister is a large car that zips through all terrain – grass, mud, water, sand, snow…pretty much anything you can imagine, the Terrain Twister can handle.

  • Man, I always knew that wheels were over rated, I just never had the proof to back up my argument. Now, the Terrain Twister clearly shows that wheels are really no match for giant pontoons with corkscrew-shaped threads! There is something bizarrely fun about driving the Terrain Twister over trees, mud, grass and yes, even into a pool. We tried to come up with a terrain that would stop the Terrain Twister and oddly we found only one…smooth floors. The Terrain Twister loves it rough and tough, those pontoons need something to grab on. On a very smooth wood floor, the Terrain Twister had some problems moving around. But really, if you give a kid the Terrain Twister, the last thing he will want to do is drive it on smooth surfaces.

    There are some drawbacks to making a wheel free car. For one, it can be hard to drive straight and accurately navigate a course when running on spinning torpedoes. Side to side was no problem for the Terrain Twister, but going forward and accurately turning is a bit of a challenge. Of course, when you have a car that can drive over anything, you don’t really need to worry much about staying on the course. The kids had a blast driving the Terrain Twister all over the yard, into a pool and tormenting the dogs.

    3.0 stars

    Hot Wheels Remote Control Terrain Twister Vehicle - Green
    $99.99 $69.98

  • Terrain Twister
    Dimensions: 14.25" L x 11" W x 7.5" H
    Weight: 6.4 lbs
    Frequency 27 Mhz (Red) / 49 Mhz (Green)
    Range: 20 m (65 ft)
    Terrain Twister Battery: 7.2V NiMH rechargeable (included)
    Average Recharge Time: 4 hours (full cycle)
    Remote Batteries: 2 "AA's" (included)

    What is not to love about a remote control car that can drive through any terrain and looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie? Two things, actually. First is a problem for the parents – the price. The Terrain Twister retails for $99, which makes it an expensive toy. Given the fact that kids will beat on it in all weather, there is also a chance it will become an expensive broken toy. We will keep beating on it and update the review if we have problems.

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister Radio-Controlled Vehicle, Red

Unfortunately, we were not able to really drive the Terrain Twister indoors. On a kitchen or hardwood floor, the screw drives don't get any grip at all, and the vehicle can only slide to the side, not go forward or backward at all. On carpet, it tries to move, but bogs down terribly as the vehicle tries to burrow its way through the carpet. Again, the only effective means of propulsion is sideways. That was annoying, so we headed out to a dirt & gravel field. There, we were able to get it to move the way it's supposed to. It's actually really slow , but once you start doing combinations with both controls, the way it moves is pretty interesting. The funny thing is, it still went the fastest going sideways. It was really cool, though, to see it twist & swirl its way through softer dirt and fine gravel, leaving a distinctive tread pattern behind it. The whole vehicle isn't very heavy, so it's even able to go over very loose dirt and dry sand.