Buying a telescope for a child

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a telescope for a child

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  • Consider how easy it is to set up and adjust. The optical performance and of course your budget. Read product reviews featured here and see what other satisfied customers have to say about the telescope they bought. Also keep these specifications in mind when finding the best beginner telescope for children.

    When considering where to buy telescopes consider the convenience of online shopping. Here at Telescope For Kids we make it easy to buy children’s telescopes based not only on price but more important top quality brand names, top sellers and popular models. Search and compare customer reviews and ratings to help you find the best telescopes for children.

  • Designed by Orion as the ultimate "beginner" telescope for children and young adults, the FunScope 76 mm TableTop Reflector Telescope and Moon Kit provides an affordable and easy-to-use method for viewing the cosmos. This 4-pound, 10.2-inch tabletop telescope uses a 76 mm lens. The result is clearer views and a brighter picture, thanks to 60 percent more light entering the scope as compared to other beginner telescopes. This extra light allows users to see craters on the moon clearly as well as bright planets like Saturn and Jupiter as well as some details such as Jupiter's moons. In addition to these basic features, the kit that comes with most Orion FunScopes includes additional tools to help budding stargazers. These tools include two eyepieces, one 10 mm and one 20 mm, MoonMap 260 to help observers identify moon craters, and an attachable aiming tool, the EZ Finder II, designed to make locating objects easier.

    Affordability and quality are possible in a telescope, even when purchasing one suitable for use by a child. The right beginning telescope for a child will usually , but will also be easy to use, versatile, and fun. The result will be a tool that will introduce the child to the world of astronomy, pique their interest in the world, and outer space around them, and perhaps spark an interest that will last a lifetime. In addition, the right first telescope for a child can possess not only the features that make it fun and easy to use for a child but also features, such as quality eyepieces and stunning views, that will make observing the nighttime sky enjoyable for adults as well.

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  • Are you looking for telescopes for children? Find the best option for you with this quick and easy guide to the best in children's telescopes, with products for both US and UK customers.

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Combined with some books, maps and/or software to educate them, a telescope for children can be a great tool for bringing the whole family together for educational fun and enjoyment. Here are some benefits of getting a starter telescope aimed at children: