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The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups - 10Oz, 4 Pack

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  • You’ve bought a nice collection of sippy cups and Tupperware for your child. Sadly, feeding gear tends to get left behind in school cubbies, the park, and the doctor’s office. Wherever food goes, containers seem to go missing. Life is too busy to start tracking down that missing cup, though. Instead, pick up the Take and Toss and you’ll always have some cups, containers, and utensils on hand.

    The Take and Toss is a meal-time variety bag with 28 pieces. With these durable sippy cups, bowls, forks and spoons, you can pack up those snacks in the blink of an eye. The fun colors appeal to kids and (added bonus) conceal food stains. This set is a great value – you can use it for years but won’t be heartbroken if any get lost. To clean, simply toss everything in the dishwasher. Because you can reuse or recycle these pieces, you are also doing something nice for this little planet of ours.

    Assortment of plastic dinnerware for on-the-go eating
    Four spill-proof cups with sippy lids
    Six bowls with lids
    Six snack bowls
    12 spoons and forks
    Can be reused or recycled
    Dishwasher and microwave safe
    See-through plastic tote bag
    Contains no PVCs (polyvinyl chlorides) or phthalates
    28-piece set
    BPA Free

    FWIW, hard spouted sippy cups are not recommended because of the damage they cause to developing teeth and palates. We learned all of this the hard way after a visit to the pediatrician with a Take and Toss sippy cup in tow (also chomped to bits). Soft silicone spouts, or even better, Take and Toss straw cups are much easier on the little chompers (and the straws can withstand more gnawing than the spouts and silicone straws). Really though, to avoid all of the chomping and the "deforming" and the plastic, etc., the best bet is a Sigg kid-sized canteen for the little ones. We have one for each kid and they're awesome. And, after you pay $15 for one, I promise you, you will never lose it (you'll pat yourself down for that before your keys and wallet whenever you leave).

  • can they be reused over and over? i just bought 6 straw cups for my i was gonna take to daycare for him to use there until i read they are take n toss cups. is that plastic not made to wash and use daily???

    We use them until they get stepped on or hide under the couch so they c an grow a terrarium inside. They are good quality and can be used many many times. The reason they call them take and toss is because they are so inexpensive they can be used once and thrown away if you are not where you can rinse them out when done.

    4.0 stars

    The First Years Take and Toss 28 Piece Variety Bag

The First Years Take and Toss 4 Count Straw Cups, 10-Ounce