were can i get a tails doll plushie?

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GE Animation Sonic Classic Tails Plush

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  • I've always been a huge fan of Tails the fox; I love him so much! This new Sonic Boom Tails plushie is absolutely excellent in quality, well-detailed, super-soft, and downright adorable.

    Drawstring Tails Plushie – Up, up, and away! Inspired by Sonic’s longtime friend, take to the skies with the Drawstring Tails Plushie! 240 MSP, unisex.

  • His orange fur is very fluffy and minky-soft, and vibrantly coloured. He's got a nice shape, perfectly plump and evenly stuffed, not misshapen in any way. I particularly like his new futuristic look -- those steampunk welding goggles of his are awesome! His round sky-blue eyes are embroidered beautifully and symmetrically on his face. I'm very happy with the flawless shape of his face and his muzzle; his nose is just right, and not pointy, twisted and gnarled like I've seen on different Tails plush toys. His body is firmly stuffed and durable, and he can sit up well on his own, as his tails support him. His twin tails are a bit shorter than I've seen on other Tails plushies, but they're fine this way. His arms and legs are soft and floppy. His gloves and shoes are made of a different smoother material than his minky fur. The trademark spiky tuft of fur on his head is also made of a rougher material than his fur. He is a great huggable size, about 8 inches tall from the tips of his ears to his feet. He's not too small to cuddle with, and not too big to carry with you if you would like to take him along on adventures. He also looks nice sitting on your bed or on a shelf.

    These cute and chubby Chuken Mochi Shiba Wagging Tails Plushies are so excited to see you they can’t stop wagging their little tails! Made using PV boa, the lineup includes Okaka and Tuna from Chuken Mochi Shiba, each dressed up in a little scarf! They’re in a big size, standing at approximately 14.2” tall, so they’re perfect for hugging and holding!

    CheetahGirl5147 said:
    Get a Tails plush, THEN USE YOUR IMAGINATION

  • sonicdoctorwho said:
    you can buy a regular tails plush, and customize it (add a string on its head, make some stitches for the arms and legs, etc.) and play sonic r with it! :D

    I really appreciate the great attention to detail that went into making this adorable Tails. He is perfect! Tomy never disappoints! This Sonic Boom Tails mini plush is perfect for Sonic fans of all ages.

how the heck do i get a tails doll plushie?!

Edit: if you want a tails doll plushie I would be more than happy to make him again, i take commissions ^-^. the price i ask for Tails Doll is 60.00 + 15.00 shipping with in the U.S