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  • This, in essence, is the simplified story of Swing Kids. Seeing as how one of the movie's main themes is victimization, I'll go ahead and compare the playground kids to what's called a "victimization triangle". In a victimization triangle, you have four main groups involved(sometimes five, but that fifth one isn't really relevant here): Bystanders, Upstanders, Perpetrators, and Victims. In this situation, you have these three kids who are trying to solve this Rubik's cube. They aren't doing very well, but are trying their hardest to solve it. They classify as victims because they are under the spell of the confusing device, but also as upstanders for trying to solve its riddle and beat it once and for all. The perpetrator is none other than the cube itself for perpetuating such a confounding puzzle. The bystanders are, naturally, those who refuse to do anything to help solve the cube. This is, of course, in the beginning.

    Peter has not let himself be taken over by the Nazis like Thomas. He has rebelled against them and gone back to the swing kid Peter. When the HJ's break into the club he's in, he is attacked by Thomas and almost killed. Instead of killing him Thomas controls himself for a second and tells Peter to leave. But Peter decided to stay and be caught, he decides to stand up like his father used to do. Peter's brother stands up with him as Peter is taken by the Nazis.

  • Thomas quickly begins to believe everything they learn from the HJ, and he begins to act like a Nazi. He begins to hate Jews and to relieve himself of his father who thinks of him as a worthless, he reports him to the HJ for committing a crime he never really committed. When Arvid and Peter try to tell him he has changed and is no longer the swing kid Thomas he rebels against them. He calls them the wrong crazy Jew lovers. Thomas tells Arvid he is next in line for the Nazis to murder because he's a cripple. Another day Arcid finally let's out why he hates himself for being German. He doesn't want to be a part of the Nazis in any form, and later that day he commits suicide.

    For the victimization triangle the crime and perpetrators at the beginning and ending of the movie are the Hitler Youth. In the beginning the bystanders are Peter, Thomas, Arvid, and Peter's mom and brother. Victims are Jews and bullied swing kids. Up-standers would be Peter and Thomas when they steal an old ladies radio because a Nazi gave it to her after stealing it from a captured Jew. But by stealing it, Peter had to join the HJ's to keep Nazi soldiers from bugging his family. Thomas also joins to be with Peter, making Arvid mad at them. They promise to continue to go to swing during the night, and to not allow the HJ to separate them. But not all promises can be kept.

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Swing Kids is a 1993 American drama directed by Thomas Carter, ..

Though they were not an organized political-opposition organization, the whole culture of the Swing Kids evolved into a non-violent refusal of the civil order and culture of National Socialism.