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, the swim to me puppy can run on solid land but when you put him in water he actually swims, the perfect bath toy

Mga Entertainment Mga Entertainment Rescue Pets Swim To Me Puppy - Golden Retriever

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  • Swim to me puppy walks on land and swims in water. Healthy Pup Checkup has sore paw which lights up red when patted and dog cries until cast out on, listen to its heart and give an injection. Both excellent condition. £8 for both pets

    The Rescue Pets Swim to Me Puppy is so easy to use, Simply press the heart-shaped button until it's legs begin to move! Then all you need to do is put it on the floor and watch it go! The puppy can easily walk over flat smooth surfaces as well as softer surfaces (such as a sofa or carpet), though this cute little puppy is still young and may fall over if he encounters bumps!

  • The Rescue Pets Swim to Me Puppy has a plastic body and head, with floppy rubber ears, which is perfect for swimming in water, which is a good thing - because this little puppy sure loves to swim! All it requires are 3 AAA batteries (and a small screwdriver to insert them), and for the amount of fun your child can have with this little dog, it will definitely be worth it!

    Finally, would I recommend Swim to Me Rescue Puppy - that's a big fat NO. Too bad I have to give this toy any stars... needless to say 1 star is being generous and that's only because the puppy is so darn cute.

    One of the top toys for christmas 2008 is
    Rescue pets swim to me puppy
    These are likely to be in short supply so check out the links below and remember to buy early!

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    Just because it is Christmas, time does not mean we cannot look forward to summertime fun. When you are considering the young members on your Christmas list why not think about getting them a Swim to Me Puppy?

    Swim to Me Puppy is made of sturdy hollow plastic head and body with a sensor built into the chest to sense when the toy hits the water. This sensor tells the legs to move and swim.

    Swim to Me Puppy requires 3 AAA batteries and a small screwdriver to install them. The puppy also comes with his own goggles and towel to dry off on after a day of play in the pool.

    Rescue pets were created by MGA entertainment and were first released in 2006. The premise of the brand is that these pets are homeless and in need of adoption. When you first see them in the store, they will whine and whimper to encourage you to take them home with you, once there they take on a happy persona barking and wagging their tales. Some of the first releases called My ePets came with a secret code that could be entered online. Swim to Me Puppy is the latest addition to a long line of fun educational toys.

    Rescue pets Swim to Me Puppy has made the Toy Retailers top 12 list of must have toys for the 2008 holiday season and it is easy to see why. Toys that can move on their own is not a new concept, they have been around for generations. However, a toy that can swim is definitely the new technology on the block.

    This latest installation of rescue pets is perfectly adorable with large droopy eyes and oversized ears, sure to make the day of any child lucky enough to get one for Christmas.

    Get out there and get yours today because if the predictions are true this will be the must have and therefore the cant find toy of the season. Online retailers are carrying them now, though how long supplies will last is not known. Make the day of a little one this year by getting them the Swim to Me Puppy, he can swim with them in the bathtub until summer!

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Swim to Me Rescue Puppy made it through approximately 3 or 4 baths before totally going kaput. I changed the batteries but that didn't work. Now Swim to Me Rescue Puppy sits in my daughter's bathroom looking more like a decoration than a functional toy.