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Surprized Cat by Denise Thigpen
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  • Banye, an 11-year-old British Shorthair from China, follows in the footsteps (or should we say, paws) of Grumpy Cat and Angry Cat with his own moniker: Surprised Cat

    Following in the footsteps (or paw prints) of and , this Surprised Cat is ready to join the ranks of internet feline royalty. Banye, an 11-year-old British Shorthair from China, has a perpetual look of surprise thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.

  • Meet Banye, an 11-year-old British Shorthair whose chin fur makes him look like he’s in a constant state of surprise. The adorable feline lives in Shanghai, China with his owner , who has uploaded photos of the perpetually surprised cat to a site called . What a priceless expression!

    When planning your family with your significant other, be sure to include your pets in the discussion – otherwise, they might be in for a nasty shock, like this hilarious surprised cat whose owners forgot to tell her they’d had a baby. Luckily, the cat (Roxy) got over the shock, but we’re sure she would’ve appreciated a warning. (h/t: )

  • Another week, another cat taking the internet by storm. We last brought you the exploits of , but today we’ve got something on the not-so-terrifying side — Banye, the Always Looks Surprised Cat!

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