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Somehow I agree Super Sonic VS Perfect Chaos is the most iconic Super Sonic fight, probably the most epic boss where he fought alone.

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Sonic Through Time 5 inch Action Figure 2-Pack

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  • In , Sonic becomes Super Sonic in the game's opening, demolishing Eggman's armada and cornering the scientist. Unfortunately, Eggman traps Super Sonic and uses his power to awaken (and accidentally create ). When all the Chaos Emeralds are empowered again, Super Sonic reappears for the boss fight against . For the Wii/PS2 version, Super Sonic starts with only twelve rings, requiring the player to gather them to fill the boost gauge. In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, he doesn't lose rings, but possesses a in that form and uses rings to fill it. Also, Super Sonic fights alongside in the Xbox 360/PS3 version.

    I personally have not been interested in previous tan var Super Sonico figures. But this one looks so sexy and really well done. Infact I think I like this tan ver a lot more than the original. One to add to my collection no doubt!
    I can’t remember if I had posted this before. But here is the Offical JAST USA announcement video for the USA english version of Motto Sonicomi.

  • Neko Magic also reports on the . Which I dislike this, The tan is too dark and there are few Super Pocacho figures that I like. Plus my priority is Super Sonico figures.

    The pre-orders for the Super Sonico Nama Figure Patissier Ver are now open and available. Head over to Neko Magic to check out the hi-res photographs. and for the pre-order links.

    Custom #:27513
    Name:Super Sonic
    Custom Type:Action Figure
    Toy Series:Sonic
    Date Added:February 13, 2011
    Base Figure:Sonic
    Height:7.50 inches
    This is a custom super sonic I did with several parts from Jazwares Super Posers toy line. I did this because the original Super Sonic Super Poser really sucked. Anyone who has been a fan of the Sonic series knows why. I swapped Shadows gloves with because they fit super sonic more. The longest part of this custom was sanding everything down especially the red stripes on shadows quills.I would love to have painted the ear-lets and the mouth so that it matches the rest of sonic a little better but it looks pretty close anyway and frankly I suck at painting and lack the necessary paints. So for now this is considered done. Maybe one day when I am bored of looking at him I will get "ballsy" and try painting next.

    I have a full rotation clip on YouTube with comparison to the original.

    Check it out by searching:
    Super Sonic Custom Figure Tikijim

    Thanks for checking it out and please let me know what you think!

  • Moonlit Sake show off the . This figure looks really cute and very well made, But I dislike the pants. Who on earth designed those pants. I much prefer a full set of jeans on Sonico but slipping off the butt but maybe have the G-string or panties poking out the top, just like the Super Sonico SQ Figure Campus Life figure by Bandpresto. (I really need to get myself one of those figures soon too) or the Tokonatsu Ver.

75 Inch Super Sonic Figure by SEGAMew-Market on DeviantArt

Finally! Another unboxing video and this one is a Sonic's 20th anniversary Super Sonic figure that comes with a neat tin case and a Toys R Us exclusive Super Sonic, Shadow, and Silver that comes with the seven chaos emeralds. I'll be showing you and demonstrating how neat jazwares did with their Sonic action figures which they do a wonderful job.