Wii Longplay [006] Super Mario Galaxy (part 1 of 3)

Wii Longplay [005] Super Mario Galaxy 2 (World 1)

Super Mario Galaxy Full Walkthrough/Gameplay Wii HD 1080p Part 1 of 9

Super Mario Galaxy

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  • And that concludes today's Metacritic Monday! Did you enjoy the show? If so, leave a comment down below! Also, what are your thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy? Like it? Hate it? Really you choice, I won't blame you if you hate it. The Wii certainly does hinder the game a bit, but I think if you actually took the time to play the game, you'll get nothing but enjoyment out of it. Well, most of it anyway. The best news though?

    Super Mario Galaxy is not only one of the finest 3D platformers I've ever played, but also my favorite Mario game ever made.

  • The crazy thing is that, without knowing what Super Mario Galaxy was, I finally finished beating the three 3D Mario games I had strived to beat for basically my entire life the week before Super Mario Galaxy came out. After finding the last blue coin and getting my 120th Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine, I noticed an e-mail from Nintendo mentioning Super Mario Galaxy. Upon further research, I found out that it was the next game in the 3D Mario Series, and it was a return to Mario’s classic Power Star collecting journey. This was a welcome and timely surprise. I was sort of blown away by the coincidence of timing.

    Sorry, did I hear you right, or did you say that Super Mario Galaxy; a game where you fly to bizarre and unique new worlds while traversing incredible landscapes and planets... is NOT up to your standards of what a platformer is supposed to be?

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    Now, I didn’t technically own a Wii back then, but I was already borrowing the one that belonged to my friend Jonah (having used it to beat Super Mario 64 on the Wii Virtual Console). So, without owning a Wii, I bought Super Mario Galaxy for my enjoyment.

Wii Longplay [005] Super Mario Galaxy 2 (World 1)

Super Mario Galaxy Z is the new upcoming game of Mario Main Series. This is the new 3D platformer and the 3rd game of the Super Mario Galaxy series. This game has new Mario abilities, new power-ups, new galaxies and a different story. There are more characters and, of course, you can play with more playable characters and some missions that are compulsory for some characters.