The Street Phantom is the voice of his generation

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Spalding 71024 NBA Street Phantom Outdoor Basketball, Neon Green/Black

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  • “I am the Street Phantom; the Street Phantom is the voice of our generation. It is everyone, it is Everyman, and it is the spirit of our time… The Street Phantom uses urban walls as a canvas for commentaries on political and social expression. The Street Phantom is the spokesperson of our time, effecting change through mobilizing individual activism. The artist coins political phrases that reach out to our generation in need of a voice and representation. The elusive street artist comments on our condition by voicing thoughts of a personal, intimate nature that transcends cultural prejudice.”

    In , Master Splinter held a family meeting to discuss the important matters of finding their friend, Alopex, and the scroll April O'Neal has desperately been searching for the answers to, all of which may very well help in winning the fight against Kitsune. Of course, Mikey isn't always up for fighting, and when Donnie and Angel try to take on the Street Phantom on their own, their plan backfires on good friend Professor Harold.

    This month in TMNT #62, we find out that Master Splinter planned for Professor Harold to be kidnapped all along. In the meantime, Raph and Mikey have a much-needed heart-to-heart, and the Foot Clan may finally get the chance to fight again! This time, their targets are the disappearing Street Phantoms…

    I can always go on and on about writers Eastman, Curnow, and Waltz. They are, after all, the creators behind one of the most beloved childhood franchises of all time. But this month, major props go to artist Dave Wachter whose artwork truly made me feel for our heroes more than I ever have before.

    My only hope is that we don’t have to wait too long before we finally get to see Master Splinter master the Foot Clan!

    Until next month,

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