A Storm Trooper Costume For Children

DIY kids first order storm trooper costume Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Deluxe Child's Stormtrooper Costume and Mask, Medium

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  • This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year olds. It's made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true ...

    Do your part to help the humble stormtroopers regain their reputation as the crack soldiers that once struck fear into hearts across the galaxy in a Realistic Stormtrooper Costume. This officially licensed Star Wars costume includes separate foam armor pieces attached to a black bodysuit, so it looks like the armor suits worn by Imperial troopers, but this is a lot more comfortable. The included PVC helmet has shaded see-thru plastic eye covers for added authenticity, so you won't have any trouble keeping an eye out for rebel spies. This costume comes with all of the standard-issue stormtrooper gear you'll need for your first patrol, but you'll need to procure your own pair of gloves (we recommend black to match the jumpsuit) and E-11 blaster carbine to really make your mark on the Imperial ranks.

  • In 1976, proper maker Andrew Ainsworth was approached by fellow creator Nick Pemberton to create the original Stormtrooper costumes used for the first Star Wars movie. He created the prototypes for the helmets and armour, and after approval from Lucas, went into production to create the iconic trooper costumes used in the original films.

    This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year olds. It's made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true to the movie armor and look cooler than the store-bought stuff out there. Because of the materials used, these costumes won't hold up to rough play or prolonged wear. Actually, they got pretty beat up after simply trick or treating. Within the steps I'll tell you how I did certain things and what I would do differently. My son's costume was my first attempt and spent about 18 hours on it, not including drying time for paint and glue. My daughter's costume took less time because I based it on my son's templates just smaller and I gave it a little less detail (and I was less careful with cutting and glueing). Anyway, hope you find the instructions helpful. The result was ...

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    Remember, this is NOT the Men's Stormtrooper Costume that has white armor on back and front. Female one only has the armor on the front. Also bought Men's White Ankle Boots instead of boots shown in picture.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Men Costume Deluxe

If you are feeling crafty and have the time, it’s not too hard to make a DIY stormtrooper costume. With a supply of cardboard, some duct tape, a can of white paint, a black marker and a black leotard, you can make a recognizable stormtrooper costume. Just cut the cardboard into armor shapes and paint them white. While wearing the black leotard, tape on the armor and color the tape black. The helmet takes a little more finesse. But if you can make a helmet shape out of the cardboard, you can easily paint it white and use the black marker to draw on the face elements. Other DIY options include using a motorcycle helmet, foam sheets, and white tube socks.