How to Prepare and Store Baby Food

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  • This brings me to another point. I think I did my self a disservice by making Babies R Us my first store to go into. I went with my mother and the second I walked in and saw the warehouse size store packed to the ceiling with baby “stuff” I think I just shut down. It is a super store for baby goods and they seriously have what I think is more then what you might need. I was confused and unfocused mainly because I had no clue as to what I actually wanted and what was actually needed. I could have avoided this by taking time before the first trip and doing some research on what products I liked. I also could have avoided this by waiting to go to any store until I decided on a few key things for the baby. Mostly like if I was going to cloth diaper her and if I was going to breastfeed only or do a mixture of formula and breastfeeding. Going in without some key decisions again was a disservice.

    Expecting parents can also expect something else-- to spend a lot of money on baby stuff. They may be little, but babies can be expensive. As many as two in five parents say they weren't as prepared as they thought for the cost of a new baby, according to a study by . Data from the Department of Agriculture reveals that what parents spend on baby's first year depends on income and ranges from about $7,000 to $14,000. But no matter what your income level, spending less on things like diapers, cribs, and strollers is always a plus. A great way to do that is by working the coupon policies of big box stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.

  • The arrival of a new baby is the perfect excuse for parents, grandparents, and friends to go shopping. But, thank goodness, they don't have to travel from store to store buying baby gifts and stocking up on baby necessities. Many baby stores cater to new and expectant parents by carrying everything a new baby might need under one roof. Specialty baby shops generally offer baby nursery furniture and accessories as well as baby shower gifts and baby care supplies. Baby toys and monitors, plus related infant and toddler products, round out the items offered by these retailers. Most of these stores have baby gift registries, so new parents' preferences can be taken into consideration, making it easier for friends and relatives to shop for baby gifts.

    Another thing that provokes much debate is whether to use store bought baby foods or to make your own. Some parents think that it can be more work but that homemade baby food is cheaper. Many parents feel that homemade food is better for their child since it is all natural without all of the preservatives and additives that are in store bought baby food. In the end it is up to you as the parent of the child.

  • You can find more information on this on the internet. You will be able to research the pros and cons of store bought baby food and homemade food for babies. Make sure that you gather all the information that you need so that you can make the right choice for you and your new baby.

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Federal Hill has a new store for babies as Aww BABY Organics opened last weekend at 1123 Light St. at the former home of Her Heelz. Owner Marsha Barracato is leasing the 1,500 sq. ft. space with a 900 sq. ft. showroom for her brand new business.