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Transformers Age Of Extinction Stinger Toy Fresh from toy fair 2014

Funko POP! Movies: Transformers: Age of Extinction Stinger Action Figure

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  • "But if you already knew what the toy was like, why are you complaining about it now," asks someone who doesn't understand how reviews work. "Why did you even buy it?" I bought it because it's the only toy of a major character, and because Walmart had all their on sale for $2 off. It was the first time I'd seen him - despite the fact that the assortment number on the packaging is the same as the mass market toys, and the number of people who managed to spot this figure at Target, all the Stinger toys are exclusive to Walmart. Seriously, in the world of toy exclusives, WM's just trumped them all. To have the exclusive rights to an entire character? That's just nuts! It may also explain why the other versions of Stinger are just repaints, but not why Hasbro didn't make a toy of him for the real line.

    Stinger is a repainted RotF Sideways. Kind of awful that we still don’t have a real Stinger toy. I’m still confused about whether we are getting one at all. A Walmart two pack with Bumblebee was announced, but I don’t know if that was Deluxes of One Step Changers. This is okay, but it does not even vaguely resemble Stinger.

  • Thanks to Takara we finally have a real Stinger toy, as pathetic as it is. Please read my review of . I’m only going to talk about the new paint job.

    How depressing. Stinger is not a bad toy. His vehicle mode is very cool and pretty accurate. His robot mode has a lot of molded detail. The only problem is that he’s a One Step Changer. This would not be as much of a problem if we were getting a real Stinger toy, but as of now that does not seem likely. It seems that he is packed into One Step Changer Series 2 Cases that Walmart is getting in, unlike most exclusives that are shipped in their own cases. This could make him hard to find, but also explains how some of these shoed up at Target a while ago.

    Decepticon Stinger toy information.
    Decepticon Stinger
    Release Status
    Release Date July 2014 (2014)
    Original Price $9.99
    Size Class One Step Changer
    Suggested Age 5+
    Assortment Number A6151
    Product Number A7071
    Filed Under AOE One Step Changers
    Additional ThemesStinger
    Additional Toy Info

    Toy revealed when a list of upcoming product was accidentally posted on Hasbro's customer services website.

    While he was stickered up as a Walmart exclusive, Stinger was also sighted multiple times at Target (complete with "only at Walmart" sticker)

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    There are four Stinger toys in the line, and yet this is the only one that actually uses the licensed Pagani design - the others are repaints of existing toys, both from and . Granted, one sleek sportscar looks pretty much like the next, but the Huayra has a rather distinct profile, with a short hood and a long, low back end that mean the passenger cabin sits closer to the front of the car than the rear.

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We have learned, from speaking with Hasbro staff briefly at Botcon 2014, that some versions of the Decepticon Stinger toy for the Age of Extinction toyline might be exclusive to Wal-Mart.