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  • A spiky dinosaur won the most votes in a Canadian “Dino Idol” contest that asked visitors to one museum to select which fossil among five specimens they wanted to see unwrapped from its protective packet.

    Ellie drew a flying reptile on the front of her card and she enjoyed learning about Tyrannosaurus rex, whilst Amy chose to illustrate her card with lots of pink dinosaurs and liked learning about Triceratops the best. Jake drew a very scary looking dinosaur on his thank you card, Lucy illustrated her card with a spiky dinosaur, Matthew (Matthewosaurus) was particularly impressed with the skull of the armoured dinosaur that he saw.

  • Two spikey dinosaurs eating apples from a small apple tree. This children's dinosaur colouring page is pretty simple, designed for younger children. There are a selection of more Dinosaurs available on my free colouring site, should also be adding to this section in the very near future.

    Palaeontologists have identified a new species of spiky headed dinosaur. The Ceratopsian, named Spiclypeus shipporum, was first unearthed 10 years ago in Montana, but recent analysis has shown it to be a new species. Unlike other Ceratopsians, like triceratops, the dinosaur has spikes protruding from above its eyes

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