Spiderman Deluxe Web Blaster And Mask

My 6 year old grandson would like theMarvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster

Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove

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  • Kids can pretend to sling webs just like their favorite web-slinging super hero! With the MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER which mounts to their wrists, kids can fire foam discs over 20 feet with rapid speed like SPIDEY. Each MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER comes with 10 NERF foam discs. Three AA batteries required. Batteries not included.

    The Amazing Spider-Man Spider Force Web Blaster is built using Nerf technology fit for a hero's rapid-fire reflexes! Load up to 5 foam discs into the motorized chamber, aim, and fire! The web blaster automatically loads the next shot, so you can keep blasting targets over 20 feet away! Blast discs with a simple pull of the trigger to defeat the bad guys like The Amazing Spider-Man.

    For Ages: 5+

  • In the role-playing realm, kids can help thwart evil with all new ways to sling webs! THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 MOTORIZED SPIDER FORCE WEB BLASTER is an electronic wrist-mounted blaster which slings foam discs over 20 feet, letting kids recreate fast, web-slinging SPIDEY fun!

    With the wrist-mounted , kids can fire foam discs featuring web embellishments up to 20 feet with rapid speed. Each Motorized Spider Force Web Blaster comes with 10 Nerf foam discs that can be stored in the storage compartment on the top of the toy so they won’t get lost. Don’t worry—the foam discs are harmless and don’t hurt if you get hit with them. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, kids can take on any villain with this fun role-play toy. I should also note—it’s unbelievably fun for adults, too (especially if you have kids around willing to scoop up the discs for you). Just don’t let the name fool you—there are no messy webs with this product, just soft, foam discs!

    Spiderman Deluxe Web Blaster And Mask

  • SPIDERMAN triple action web blaster

    SPIDERMAN spiderman triple-action web blaster

    Spiderman Web Blaster

    The third movie of the Spiderman saga is bringing up all sorts of spider gadgets and toys to the market, but none of them come close to this Origins Spiderman Web Blaster, a toy that throws out a triple-stream web fluid so your kids can spin their own web and feel just like Peter Parker.

    Designed for children at least five years old, this kit is composed of a Web Blaster, a special glove and two cans of fluid. All your kids need to do is insert the can in the blaster, put on the glove, pull the trigger and start spinning three streams of web fluid or water, just like Spidey. The gadget makes electronic web slinging sounds while it’s in action, adding more realism to the fun.

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Spider-Man Spider Force Web Blaster £21.99
Blast the villains like Spider-Man with the Web Blaster! This red-and- blue blaster looks like it was cut from Spider-Man’s costume, and it connects to your wrist so you can fire discs at the foe just like Spider-Man fires webs! The fully motorized firing lets you unleash a stream of discs at targets up to 20 feet away. When crime-fighting is on hold, store your 10 discs in the blaster’s storage compartment! Evil doesn’t stand a chance when you’re locked and loaded with the Web Blaster!