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Jazwares Sonic and The Black Knight Excalibur 4" Action Figure

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    So Jazwares announced awhile back that they had plans to continue the range of Sonic And The Black Knight figures which they did by realising both and Excalibur Sonic and Sir Lancelot 5inch Figures. Sir Lancelot stands at 5inch's tall. The detail on the figure is amazing, the paint job is also incredible but the colour of his armour is slightly purple which is a bit off however its not too big of an issue. The articulation is good however some of the joints are stiff and others are extremely loose, the head can be moved but will almost fall off every time you twist it around although it does slip back on with ease. The sword is amazing the detail is perfect but the same problem with all the Black Knight figure's still remains in this one, the sword doesn't really fit into the hand its very loose and will fall out if it not held in. The figure is also a bit top heavy making it very hard to keep standing up if you wanted to display it on a shelf. All these minor set backs aside the figure is amazing the attention to detail is incredible and they still manage to pack all that articulation into the figure even with the bulky armour. The figure is one of Jazwares best and in my opinion a must have for all Sonic fans and collectors I'm giving it a 9/10.
    Music Used: Sonic After The Sequel OST - Pomp And Circumstance.
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    Several toy websites appear to have pre-orders ready to go for Sonic and the Black Knight action figures, with a June–July 2009 release date.

Jazwears Sonic and the black knight figure review