Silly Slippeez – Slippers that POP to Life – As Seen On TV

Nothing is cuter than blue & purple one eyed monster slippers!

What's cuter than unicorn slippers? Unicorn slippers that blink at you!

Silly Slippeez Leopard Plush, Large

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  • I ordered the Princess Kitty Silly Slippeez and we haven’t tried it yet – so we don’t know the quality. Why? because I ordered a month ago, paid the $7.95 processing and handling, and guess what? they haven’t shipped it yet, after a month. So I called the customer service, they said that I will get it next week, and they are shipping it today (the day I called to complain about not getting the slippers). WTH! I have to wait another week for it to arrive. So there goes my 60-day money back guarantee.

    Sometime ago, little man spotted an ad on TV about Silly Slippeez, since then he keeps mentioning it to me in a sweet voice. My four-year-old would say something like: “mummy, if you go to the shops, could you please look for dinosaur slippers for me? I really like it!”

  • Horrible service and low quality product. It cost over $15.00 to ship 2 pairs of slippers. They took over 4 weeks to ship. Once they shipped they were defective and had to be sent back. It is no wonder they do not display reviews on their website.

    I was so pleased when I spotted Silly Slippeez online at Find me a Gift. The website did just what it says, it helped me to a find a special gift for my special boy!

    Silly Slippeez - Zanny Zebra - Glow in the Dark - Medium

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    Item#: 80-78751-M

  • Measure for Measure
    Slippers come in categories of small, medium, large, Xtra large, and XXtra large. Which of those fits you best will depend not only on your shoe size, but on whether you're a man, woman, or child. You can check out the sizing chart for greater details.

    Some people like their slippers a little big for that extra-floppy feeling. If that's you, consider moving up a size, but only if your feet approach the margin of your particular size. You don't want to feel like you have kayaks on your feet.

    We tried these silly slippers bought a pair my daughter was so excited after only wearing them for about 45 mins it stopped working . Took them back to the store got another pair and the quality isn’t great its hit or miss working . I would not recommend these, its a waste of $ .

Does Silly Slippeez really pop up when kids walk or jump?

Silly Slippeez comes with choice of 6 different characters. It comes in a Mr. Monster design wherein its eyes pop out when pressed, there is Princess Kitty which has her ears popping out, Sneaky Shark whose mouth opens up wide, Lucky Leopard whose ears are flexible, Zany Zebra also having its ears ready to dangle and a Dizzy Dinosaur who opens its mouth on contact. Silly Slippeez definitely is a cool catch for a slumber party, for use at home, for playing, taking them for a visit to grandparents on a weekend and even used as a perfect gift to kids on birthdays.