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  • If you’re like me and you stand in the baby aisle at Target staring at a vast wall of sippy cup options, then allow me to save you some time, money, and experimenting! Today I’m sharing a list of The Best Sippy Cups for Every Age, as determined by me and my other expert mom friends. Let me know if I left your favorites off of this list…

    : My sister-in-law, Jackie, also has three kids and she swears by the Playtex sippy cups. They do have valves to keep track of, but that’s why Jackie loves them: because the valves really do work to prevent any leaking. If your kids like to travel with their milk, this is probably the cup for you!

  • Toddler leak-free cups are for ages 9 months to approximately 3 years old. This time period is when your child will most likely be moving from the use of a bottle to mastering the skills necessary to use an ordinary cup. During this time period spills can be an issue, so most parents choose to use a spill-resistant cup or leak-proof cup. These spill-proof inventions are known as sippy cups. But, as we discuss in this review, and cover in our article, , the world of leak-free cups is actually divided into stages for three different age groups.

    Transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup represents an important step in any child's early development. Not only does this help them during their formative early years, this can also help them develop strong teeth. Sometimes this change appears difficult to achieve, but using Nuby's line of sippy cups can make the entire process easier. Nuby has created and developed a variety of no-spill cups that help young children develop healthy drinking practices throughout the various stages of early development.

    Looking for the perfect sippy cup for your toddler? It is important that active toddlers on the go remain properly hydrated; this will likely prompt a search for the perfect toddler cup to use as a convenient alternative to regular cups when the situation calls for a leak-proof cup.

    We narrowed it down from 64 competing toddler cups, designed for children over 9 months old, to the top 21 contenders for testing and review. The toddler cups were tested for their ease of use, potential leakage, and eco-health attributes. Some of the 21 cups tested were difficult to use, while others leaked. A few cups had really useful or unique designs, while others employed more eco-healthy materials in their overall construction. In the end, our test scores and collection of toddler testers, helped to determine which cups rose above the pack.

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    When purchasing Nuby sippy cups, shoppers need to determine which stages they need, whether they want insulated cups or ones with handles, and which colors or prints to buy. Shoppers can also choose from a variety of other Nuby products, including cleaning supplies and sterilization accessories, which makes taking care of sippy cups easier. Also, when shopping on eBay, shoppers need to remember to assess the condition, cost, and quantity when purchasing Nuby sippy cups.

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With its charming pink handles and green straw, you’re going to love how easy it is to find this cup when it is dropped at the park, in the mall, or in your child’s room. They’re going to love the bright colors and clear cup which allows them to see what liquid is inside. All in all, this is one of the most popular Sippy cups on the market, and parents agree that it performs just as well as it claims.