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Disney The Lion King Simba Plush -- 11"

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  • TAG : Disney The Lion King Simba & Nala 11" Plush Toy Set
  • I put the quilt with the Nala and Simba stuffed animals right by the door. Zara came Friday morning and her eyes grew big and she shouted, MINE and rushed over. She grabbed the toys and the quilt so that was that!

    So, Kylan saw this little Baby Simba stuffed animal at the very beginning of the week. Even after seeing/meeting characters, princesses, fairies, and riding all the rides, the one thing she couldn't stop talking about was the Baby Simba she saw. So, as we were leaving Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Ryan couldn't resist and went to buy it for her. She was so excited and immediately in love with the little guy. She told everyone she saw for the rest of the day that her Daddy surprised her with Baby Simba. Then she began doing what she called the "Simba Dance". Funny girl.

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