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  • Some feel that grocery shopping is tiredsome job, some feel good while shopping grocery. Sometimes we check out our fellow shoppers, sometimes this can be an amusing experience. Today grocery shopping is fun. We check out daily new items on grocery stores. Grocery shopping is important part of our daily routine. I just love grocery shopping very much.

    I ... Wall Street Journal ... here with our own Pursell tech columnist Jeff Ballard a new and Jeff Bennett ... we think we're in today to talk about grocery shopping that's an unusual thing for attacks on the stock about ... well here's the question ... who buys groceries online ... we decided to find out ... grocery shopping online has been around since the beginning of the internet and it's been this expensive being kind in these ... it's for people in cities who really uses it ... but the battle of the ... new entrant said Amazon's given the business Walmart's given the business ... we decided to do a test tomorrow to see whether to recall ... the DD just tested and simmer Cisco in New York you know those highfalutin plays ... we tested all of us in fact we have a giant as we had eighteen different purchases every day ... in cities like Chicago Indianapolis ... what we did is we had our testers go to their local purses or by the same box of stuff that we can order online compare prices and we surprised reining in some places even in separate Cisco was cheaper to buy it online including all of that discount of that these were subpoenaed in ... some big winners big loser ... I think the big winner in this comes is Amazon's new service AmazonFresh to just utter rolling out ... in California ... on the pot the downside AmazonFresh has all the Amazon sets you use to the downside though ... it cost two hundred and ten dollars a year ... to be a member of the lot the smaller of what is the talk about in our column and the beest di ... if you average that out over a year for the shopping is actually went below its delivery fees out there ... disappointments ... you know ... I am pretty loyal to my local Safeway has ever Cisco's like the Netflix agree to cost but in all backtesting Seattle's loss as to the system ... is a lot more expensive to buy groceries online and Safeway ... so you know I've bought by law to stuff I'm well a time but I'd go to the grocery store I looked to preserve the win ... was the takeaway him I am a RU RU liberating need to now order online ... you know I'll soon really enjoy shopping and grocery stores this refined see what's in season one ... that does a lot of great conveniences you can get their shopping online ... for your groceries you can ... price compare that with the big deal to me I realize that the same bag the coffee beans ... at one for sister what the six ninety nine and twelve nine and another one saw that their price comparisons stuff and re ordering that we use to whip up rather normal purchases in life on Amazon ... you can add a few groceries and I can make a big difference so we're we're online grocery shoppers now so you're saying I think we're heading that way in the US ...

  • Moreover, one out of three German (30%), French (29%) and Polish (27%) shoppers aged 16 to 24 finds it easier to stick to a budget when shopping for groceries online.

    However, many Millennials in key European markets are still harbouring doubts about the quality and freshness of groceries bought online. In fact, when asked about the reasons for not using online services when shopping for groceries, 51% of Polish and 50% of German shoppers*** aged 16 to 24 say they are concerned about the quality or freshness of products.

  • Germans also seem to be the most impatient with home delivery, as almost two out of five (37%) German shoppers aged 16 to 24 say they currently aren’t shopping for groceries online as they don’t like having to wait for delivery. In comparison, only 21% of Polish, 19% of French, 18% of Spanish and 16% of Italian 16 to 24 year olds see this as a problem.

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Shopping for groceries sounds easy enough. But if you follow a few rules such as eating before you go shopping and following a grocery list, you’ll be more likely to come home with without the expensive and unhealthy snack foods.