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  • Propper International is running a $1,000 Shopping Spree Giveaway through their through Sunday, September 25. Entries have a chance to win a free shopping spree on .

    […] of shopping, did you see the awesome $500 Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway that I am participating in this week? You should definitely head on over and enter. I would […]

  • Who would like to win $500 to spend how ever your heart desires? I am teaming up with some of my amazing blog friends to bring you this fun Christmas shopping spree giveaway. Be sure to enter today!

    Hurray, Christmas is coming! Almost time for some serious holiday shopping. I can hear the “ka-ching” of the cash register now…and our wallets shrinking. Well, ’tis the season! We all have to buy gifts for the holidays, so we want you to win some prizes so you don’t have to buy them! Check out our cool prize packages. Our Christmas Shopping Giveaway will have three winners. Best of luck, dear reader!

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