Shipping Address Collection When Paying using a Credit Card

Enter your new ship to address information in the available fields.

To the Farewell Address

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  • To record the above, you and add the first item, which in our example is 7809-0987. One the item has been added click the Details icon and select 'Ship to Addresses'.

    An Enter Ship to Addresses dialog will display. Use the drop-down to select the ship to address, tab then change the quantity to 5. Click on the second line and enter select the second ship to then tab and enter quantity of 5. When done, click Save & Close.

  • You will note that the Ship Date box is disabled because there is only on ship date on the above sales order. If there was more than one ship date, you can select multiple shipping addresses BY ship date.

    When you have multiple to addresses on one order the main Ship To Address is not used instead, All Orders uses the 'Item Ship To' to determine where and how much of an item should be shipped to the customer. Assume you receive a PO from a customer as follows:

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     How do I delete an address?
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     How do I edit my Ship To, Ship From, or Shipper address?
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  • How do I edit my Ship To, Ship From, or Shipper address?
    An easy way to edit your Ship To, Ship From, or Shipper address is to edit it during the shipping process. On the Shipping page, select the edit link next to the address you want to change. You may edit your Ship To address after you select it, your Ship From address, or your Shipper address this way.

    Note: You may only edit your Ship From address if you are a traveling user.

    Additionally, when you edit the Ship To address, you may:

    • Save the address you've entered as a new address in your Address Book
    • Update the original address in your Address Book
    • Make the address your preferred Ship From or Shipper address

    Also, selecting the Perform Detailed Address Validation option will help ensure that the address in correct.

    Note: Some address book choices appear only if enabled by your UPS CampusShip Company Administrator. If an address book link does not display on your settings page, contact your administrator. Permanent edits to the Shipper Address should be handled by your Administrator.

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    When you press the 'Fill' button, the Batch Shipping screen will be shown instead of a Ship Doc as All Orders needs to know which item ship to address to process.

Apple’s copy shipping address feature. .

The Shipping Address area allows site visitors to view, edit, or add a new address to their shipping address information. The fields in this area are the same as those in the Billing Address area with two exceptions: a check box, and a check box.