The Shimmy Shakers of Chesterfield, MI

Los Shimmy Shakers live at Tease-O-Rama 2012 (Photo: Steven Lowe)

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Shimmy Shaker
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Shimmy Shakers Burlesque show at the Pink Elephant Room
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Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Shimmy Shakers

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  • A strange question I know but dd is obsessed with Fimbo's (Fimbles) shimmy shaker. I guess the only think I can do is by a maraccas (spelling?) from a musical instrument shop ? Unless anyone has any ideas ? I want it for a christmas present. I had a look at Fimbles bits and pieces on the Toys R Us website but no shimmy shakers !

    there's a toy which looks a lot like a shimmy shaker and makes funny noises when you hit it on the ground ! It's fisher price I think but can't remember what it's called ... seen them in Woollies if that helps.

  • There was a fimbles video out about 2 or 3 months ago and it came with a shimmy shaker but it was withdrawn from sale after about 2 weeks i think,this was the only time i ever saw one, sorry!

    Bio: Makin' super slinky sexy shimmy shakin' good tunes to shake, bump and grind your rump to. Instrumental little dittys to titillate and arouse you. Caution may cause clothing to mysteriously loosen, fall off or instigate warm fuzzy feelings all over.

  • Shimmy and shake on-the-go with the Bright Starts™  Shimmy Shakers™! These easy to grasp friends stretch out when pulled and vibrate all the way back to normal. The teethable pull ring, multiple textures, and bright patterns are perfect for baby girl's playtime entertainment. Our convenient Fun Link™ attaches to carriers, strollers, and more so that the fun never ends! The purchase of this product helps support the Pink Power Mom™ program, benefiting breast cancer charities nationwide.

    Soothing Vibration

    Gentle vibes to comfort baby

    Easy to Clean

    Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean

    **Carrier is only for illustration purpose only, not included.**


    Q: You’ve been a burlesque fan for a long time, and the fact that most shows used canned jazz and big band music is what led you to start your band, right? After seeing Tease-O-Rama a few years ago performed with canned music, you were inspired and you talked about it for years, but you formed the band in 2010, played the first show in 2011, and since then Los Shimmy Shakers have played live Bump n’ Grind for Hubba Hubba Revue, Tease-O-Rama 2012, Viva Las Vegas 2012 and Ink-N-Iron 2012, just to name a few. That’s quite a start; you must be so excited! Can you tell us more about the development of the band and how things have evolved into what they are today?

Shimmy Shakers Burlesque show at the Pink Elephant Room

Baby Gift Bundle - 2 Items: Bright Starts Shimmy Shakers Toy and Bright Starts Lots of Links 24-pack. This gift set includes a Shimmy Shaker (AM0695, new material polyester fibers) with a green link for fastening on bed or play pin. The cute little decorated bugs are very colorful to attract your baby's curiosity. The bottom bug pulls down in order to start the shimmering! Fun for baby to hold and feel the vibration. Additionally, a pack of 24 Lots of Links(BE0055, durable plastic) are included for more linking of other toys or teethers! These gifts are for 0+year old infants. Perfect gift for your little one or your friend's new arrival.