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The Cowon S9 is a touch-screen MP3 player that offers a beautiful OLED display, awesome sound quality, Bluetooth audio, and long battery life.

MP3 Player / MP4 Player, MP3 Music Player, MINI USB Port 16GB Memory Slim Classic Digital LCD 1.82'' Screen MP3 Music/Audio/Media Player with FM Radio, Voice recorder

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  • The iPod touch is one of the more expensive mp3 players, but for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money there are cheap touchscreen mp3 players available. In no particular order here is a list of the top 10. Please note that none of these mp3 players are actual iPods; some of them are generic versions of the popular device.

    Even though this player is pricey, I felt it was important to include in this list of cheap touchscreen mp3 players. For at least $100 less than the bigger brand names you get a lot of good features including: video outputs to connect the player to a TV; it supports a lot of the popular music and video formats (without conversion); you get 25 hours of music playback; and you receive premium earphones that are worth about $40. Most importantly, the X-Fi2 restores audio to achieve better sound and clarity than other players.

  • If those top picks are making you rave to replace your existing MP3 player with a new touchscreen, then wait a bit longer. Check out the remaining 5 of the top 10 cheap touchscreen mp3 players and then decide which one suits your needs..

    An mp3 player is an electronic device which most people, especially the young generation, carry with them at all times in order to listen to their favourite tunes. People love listening to music for many different reasons. Some say music soothes the soul and others say the message of the song is more important, therefore this hobby has become part of the daily routines of countless people. Different people listen to different genres of music so it’s obviously best that each person has her own music player to be able to personalise her choices of music. An mp3 player is a portable and user friendly device but newer touch screen mp3 player products are far easier to use by simply following the instructions on the screen. By using a touch screen mp3 player, people are no longer confused by the complexity of the buttons integrated into the systems of older gadgets.

  • There are many shops where one can buy a touch screen mp3 player that is also of superior quality. Today, due to high demand and the craftiness of some illegal manufacturers, many products in the market are not of the required standard. They might look like the original product from a good company but in essence, are an imitation. Online, there are many enterprises that offer selling and installing services but only the best assure the customer that he’ll receive quality services.

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If you're jonesing for a touch-screen MP3 player, but the usual suspects are beyond your budget, the new $99 may be just the thing. The 8GB MP3 player also supports WMA and WAV audio playback and boasts a 2.8-inch QVGA display, FM radio, voice recorder, video player (WMV, MPEG-4, AVI in MP4 format), Audible audiobook and podcast support, and a microSD expansion slot.