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  • Newbie posting here. My father handed me down his 80's(?) Centurion Ironman Master Dave Scott road bike. It's probably been sitting in the garage unused for a decade, thus the tires are shot, the seat is shot, and it has got an enormous amount of dust on it. I'm hoping for some guidance on:

    Doubling up on both marathons would have made for a big mileage weekend, but given that the tail enders weren’t back until midnight and the next day’s ride started at ten, it’s understandable that the chatter at the mass start was a bit lower in temperature than usual (and that the coffee van was doing a roaring trade). After the raffle draw had been presented to a very lucky Robin Gosnell (who won not just a Scott bike but full Gore riding outfit and various bling accessories from series partners Torq, Witter Tow Bars and Hope), the bunch was led out to start the main event.

  • The Scott mountain Bike Marathon series finished with a true festival feel from Ruthin Rugby Club, where the usual party atmosphere had been carefully constructed by way of the catering, Big Bobble Hats, Torq bus, Gore Bikewear and various other traders and supporters. The mechanics spun wheels with worried looks on their faces and sleepy riders emerged from their tents to sip coffee and ponder the size of the hills around them.

    Yeah, it happens. Scooters and bikes break down, but that’s why were here. We are happy to offer any quotes on your repairs prior to service. Many repairs can be made in a timely manner to get you back cruising the beach in no time.

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The history of Scott Mountain Bikes started in 1958. Ed Scott, a talented engineer began venturing into the world of skiing. He introduced a tapered ski pole which eventually changed the course of ski racing. The company’s primary goal is to launch technological innovations and breakthroughs. In the year 1986, Scott finally introduced the company’s initial offering to cycling: the mountain bike. Three years after, Scott gave birth to the first aero bar.

The aero bar is considered as one of the most important inventions in bicycling history. American Greg Lemond used the aero bar or the aerodynamic handlebar during the 1989 Tour de France. The year 1991 signaled the company’s full entry into mountain bike production. Scott also introduced mountain bike suspension in the same year. Unishock suspensions helped Ruthie Matthes win America’s bid for the MTB World Championship. Afterwards, the company was able to furnish its mountain bike suspension. In 1992, Scott released its first edition of mountain bikes with full suspension. After the completion and successful manufacture of Scott full suspension mountain bikes, the company also ventured into the production of cycling shoes and helmets.

Scott worked on the development of more advanced mountain bikes. Endorphin which was the first mountain bike with carbon orientation was released in 1995. The carbon mountain bike is a hardtail offering many advantages. Many riders noted the fully suspended frame of the bike. Later on, Endorphin was considered a legend in the field of cycling. Cyclists also claimed victory in the Olympic Games and World Cup because of it.

Year after year, Scott was able to introduce breakthrough mountain bikes. In 1998, the company released G-Zero. It is the lightest full-suspension bike available during that time. G-Zero also became an important name in bike development. Scott continually gained recognition in 2000 when it released Strike. Strike is a mountain bike with carbon orientation. The full suspension of Strike made it the lightest in the world in the same year. The company further expanded in road racing sponsorship.

Working on another full suspension mountain bike, Scott was able to introduce Genius. The company incorporated shock adjustable orientation to three of its newest products: traction mode, lock-out mode and all-travel mode. For the years 2005 and present, the company introduced Ransom and the triathlon bike. Ransom was highly recognized for its efficient suspension scheme. The frame is less than 7 pounds in weight. It can achieve up to 16mm of travel.