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Disney/Pixar Cars Rusty Rust-eze and Dusty Rust-eze Vehicle 2-pack

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  • "Dusty and his brother like to help out their fellow rusty cars almost as much as they like telling jokes. And that's why they invented . Be it the distinguished browning around the wheel well or the bumper that's completely falling off, Rusty and Dusty are there with a can of Rust-eze to fit it, or at least ease the burning, itching, and soreness that plagues so many cars."

    Though Rusty and Dusty like to joke around a lot, they are both very kind, especially to each other, as well as Lightning McQueen. Both appear to treat their fellow rusty cars as a family.

  • I agree with you. Metal might be galvanized before the car is spot welded and metal sheets folded. I suppose some manufacturers, such as Hyundai, dip the entire body. I live in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and won’t let any of my cars go out in winter without all the interior panels, rocker panels, doglegs, doors, hood, engine bay metal etc etc soaked in Fluid Film of Rust Check. I also use a lot of used ATF from my fluid changes. The undercarriage and all unibody tunnels, entire underneath, suspension parts, brake lines, cables etc undercoated with the same. I see too many relatively new cars (6 -7 years old) already showing perforations from the inside out. I’ve been driving rust free cars for years but only when I applied a targeted rustproofing regimen. I owned a 4th generation (2006) Dodge Grand Caravan and it was completely rust free. Try finding another one in Canada or the Northern US that isn’t completely rotted out in the rear rocker sections and dogleg areas. Too much expandable foam sprayed in, trapping water/condensation. Can’t agree with Quincy here at all.

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